[Cover Reveal] Queen To Ashes by Mallory McCartney + Giveaway

Hi there, peeps!

Mallory McCartney has a new book to come and you better have your copy as soon as it is available near your bookstore. But today, let’s take a peek to its cover – I mean, it’s stunning and epic cover!

Together with Rockstar Book Tours, we will reveal the cover for Queen To Ashes, the additional book in the Black Dawn series. It will continue where the first book left you hanging and this time another plot will be explore.

Without further ado, here’s the cover reveal!

P.S. There is a giveaway below where you’ll have a chance to steal an ebook copy of Mallory’s new book. Good luck!

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[Cover Reveal] Renegade by Mallory McCartney

Hi, everyone!

Today Mallory McCartney and Rockstar Book Tours and my blog are revealing the cover and an exclusive content for RENEGADE, her new Adult Fantasy Romance which releases on July 3, 2018!

Check out the awesome cover and enter the giveaway below! Best of Luck!

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[Cover Reveal] Walk A Mile by Joey Paul

Hi, there!

Book news! Unveiling new book of Joey Paul and if you’re a member of The Book Robin Hoods then you’d know some details about it. But if not, no worries I deliver the news to you. So scroll down to witness the book cover and read the blurb about it. Coming out this June. You better pay a visit to Amazon and buy it or maybe be a lucky advance reader.


Below you can see the link to it. Just click the link and put the required links, you’re good to go. Good luck and happy reading.

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[Cover Reveal] Fangs & Fins by Amy McNulty

Hello, hello!

I’m quite busy nowadays since I started last Monday my internship. So you might observe my sudden inactivity.

Anyway, I have a book cover to unveil to all of you this day. But, let me ask you first, do you hear a story with vampire and merman/-maid in it? Seems that will be included in this book I’m going to showcase today. How stunning the cover is and you might cover-buy when it will be released soon.

Are you ready for it? Then here goes the cover…

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[Cover Reveal] Breachers by Anthony Thomas

Hi, everyone!

Today, I’m gonna show you the soon to be release upcoming book from Fiery Seas Publishing entitled, Breachers by Anthony Thomas.  This September you will witness an anti-hero book that even someone with immortality can be evil.

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[Cover Reveal] Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan

Hi, there!

Today, I’m unveiling to you another new upcoming release from Oftomes Publishing that sure you’re going to love. This is a debut novel by Cayla Keenan – Catching Stars. And the cover is really epic and awesome. So better see it below if you’re just excited as I am!

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[Cover Reveal] Terra by Tracy Korn

Hi, guys!

Another book cover to unveil today from the same author of Aqua, 1st book in the Elements Series. But this time it is the second book – Terra.

Are you excited to see it, the fresh new second-edition look of it?

Then check it yourself and enjoy the covertastic finish!

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[Cover Reveal] Aqua by Tracy Korn

Hello, everyone!

Today, I’m helping and participating to unveil the brand-new cover for the first book in the Tracy Korn’s Elements series, AQUA! The cover was designed by JKorn Photographics.

Are you ready to see the cover? Check it out below!

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[Cover Reveal] The Wendy by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Happy New Year, Guys!

Another round of reading challenges again this year and I’m hoping I can lift some number to my currently rising up TBR list – to say it still towers. I think I’m not the only one for sure hahaha.

Since I’m gonna unveils a cover for this very first day of the year. I’m just gonna ask if you did hear or familiar with The Intuititives by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown. Yeah? The book is really a good one if you did read it already but even not, you can just check my review about it here. I’ve really enjoyed the story of it all along.

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[Cover Reveal] Boy of Blood by Megan O’Russell

Hi, yah all!

Another cover reveal from the author of Girl of Glass (Girl of Glass #1). Familiar?

Well, don’t worry I can fill you up. But today I will show you the official cover for its coming sequel, Boy of Blood. If you get a knack for Dystopian vibes then this one for you.

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