[Cover Reveal] The Navigator by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

Hey, there fellas!

Cover reveal time again!

Not been around the loop here nowadays but I got something for you today. Have you ever heard of a book which reimagined the scenes from Peter Pan? It is a retelling to say but in a different way – that is, the protagonist in this book is Wendy Darling and her magical feats in having her goal come into place. The Wendy by Erin and Steven tells about the journey of Wendy that has twists and turns with familiar characters like Peter Pan and James Hook. I actually reviewed the first book here – well, you can check it out. The Navigator is the second book of the series which I’m going to reveal for today and tell some details about it below.

Don’t worry if you haven’t read the first book of the series – The Wendy – yet, I can catch you up for some details of it below. Though I need to uncover first the once again fantastic look of the second installment of The Wendy.

Don’t forget to add, buy and read this series!

So here we go in three.. two.. one..

[Cover Reveal] The Veil of Ashes by S. Usher Evans

MTMC Cover Reveal Banner - The Veil of Ashes

Hi everyone!

Today I’m excited to participate in the cover reveal for THE VEIL OF ASHES by S. Usher Evans! This is the second book in an epic YA Fantasy series and book one, The City of Veils, just released on April 16th!

The City of Veils is the first book in the Princess Vigilante trilogy, an epic YA Fantasy from S. Usher Evans, author of the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles, Madion War Trilogy, and Empath. It will be released by Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing on April 16, 2019.

Check below the beautiful cover designed by Jo Painter and don’t forget to enter the INTL giveaway.

[Blog Tour] Everything I Do by M.C. Frank

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Thursday Release!

Everything I Do by M.C. Frank is now out! Better go grab yours and start reading this reimagined book about Robin Hood in his new track of adventure.

The book description is below and a bonus excerpt for you to read.

[Book Blitz] The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

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Have you already buy your copy of The Boy Who Steals Houses?

Nah? Why not! If I were you, I will buy myself a copy now and begin to read and know why the boy steals houses and how this story will make you love it more.

There are blurb and details about this book below that will be a great help in pushing you to have this soon (or even now). Also, links where you can purchase it.

[Blog Tour] Scales by Nicole Conway


Happy Book Birthday to Scales!

I never thought that my stop date would be the day the book would be released. Anyway, I’m glad to show to all of you this new book coming your way. Links to buy it can be found below after the blurb of this book. If reading the blurb never catch your interest then how about reading the first chapter of Scales.

You heard that right! Below you can read, too, the Chapter 1 excerpt of this novel. This fantasy novel is perfect for those of you who are fond of Dragons! Morphing dragon actually or human to dragon metamorphosis.