Review Policy/Requests

Review Policy

This blog accepts review requests in the YA, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy genres but I also entertain some other genres except for erotica, and much near to erotica. I accept review copies from large publishers, in-digital-format publishers, and from requesting authors. I’m also more than willing and gladly to accept requests from independent publishers, even if they’re not in the genres that I mentioned above. Please just approach me with my email – for the review and I might come to love it.

I will do my best to review books in a timely manner, in some cases, there might be a delay. Also, please be aware I do not and cannot review every book I receive, and I can’t accept every review request.

My preferences are e-ARCs and paperback one which I’m very thankful to accept.

I will not be judging the book by its author and publisher. I will review as honest as I can so please in the kindest way don’t give me a hate mail. Thank you in advance. πŸ˜€

My Rating

This is what I rate on:

rate-5 – The book is not so perfect no book either but the story is interesting and I had no reason that I wouldn’t give it a high five rating.

rate-4 – The book is good. I enjoyed reading it. But maybe, I was looking for something more to it.

rate-3 – I like the book but I just have some negatives to it.

rate-2 – Maybe,Β I don’t like the book.

rate-1 – I don’t like the book that’s all.