About Me



Hi, fellow demigods! or not – just an ordinary mortal.


Welcome aboard to my blog – Descendant of Poseidon Reads!

I’m Joel, son of Poseidon, claimed already and roaming the world of mortals that takes interest in the book community and hey, that’s when it strikes me to publish some bookish related stuff here – mostly reviews or my book hauls.

My favorite past time is obviously, reading – and watching TV shows. I’m into, too, to some anime and manga. One of my binge watch tv shows are Supernatural, The Goblin (KDrama), How To Get Away With Murder, She Was Pretty, etc…

I hope it’s ok for this introduction. Somehow you will get to know me more just by following my blog or on all my social platforms – [the links are right below my signature].

That’s it. See yah.

Thanks for visiting and discovering this blog of mine. I hope you stay tuned for more bookish updates and reviews.


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