[Book Haul] December & January – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Hi, fellow book brethren!

Wrapping Up Time!!!


I barely did my book shopping for the months of November (actually no occasion I bought some new or even second hand in thrift bookstore) and December so I just let it slip and came to decide I’ll just combine it with another month. January is quite a good catch since I really got some awesome and good books both from publishers and authors and from my wallet (hahaha).

I read a few of them and enjoy their company. They are indeed great and good.

Here’s the list of books I read last month:

♦  A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur

♦  The Curse of the Were-Hyena by Bruce Hale

♦  The Summer of Crud by Jonathan LaPoma

♦  The Lost Tribes by Christine Taylor-Butler

I was very busy struggling to cope up with my studies that somehow I only came to that number but I’ll try this month of February and see how it will go.

Meanwhile, let me show you below my last January haul.



January Haul

♦ (ARC) The Summer of Crud by Jonathan LaPoma ◊

Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson ♦

The Wendy by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown ◊

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan ♦

Escaped from Passing Winds by Blair Denholm ◊

Sold by Blair Denholm ♦

The Lost Tribes by Christine Taylor-Butler

The Lost Tribes: Safe Harbor by Christine Taylor-Butler

Like I said, see my December haul, too, below 🙂


December Haul

♦ (ARC) Under Falling Skies by Kate Macleod

Mitwa by Kate Macleod

The Whole World for Each by Kate Macleod

Haven by Mary Lindsay ♦

The Truth About Owls (short story) by Amal El-Mohtar ◊



If you want to see my November PageHabit unboxing, just click the image below.

PageHabit YA Fiction November Unboxing

I have fun unboxing this box since you got book kinds of stuff like magnifying glass bookmark, snow globe (first time having it), etc. Just check my unboxing of it to know more and maybe you can subscribe, too.

Ok, I think I wrapped all up. See yah! And follow my next haul this month – February 😉

Thanks for reading!img_1615

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[Book Haul] October – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Another great month again last October which is my birth month. And today, I will show you all of the books I acquired this past month. Growing TBR that I’m sure will still increase even this new month of November 😀

Throwback book hauling and a little preview of my PageHabit unboxing – September SciFi box.

Too excited now to share. Are you? So let’s begin!

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[Book Haul] September – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Welcome, October – my birth month!

My birthday is already approaching and I’m not so excited about it, to be honest, but I’m glad if someone sends a gift for me. I will happily accept and appreciate it. *hinting anyone to really send a gift to me* *giggly smirking*

I really love this month even I don’t like the idea that this is the month of creepiness.

Then again, I will be showing you the hauls and purchase I made this September.

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[Book Haul] August – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Hi, Guys!

It is now September so that means time for sharing my book hauls and wrap up this past month, August. It was a great haul by the way and I acquired new bookish items like bookmarks and inspired cards. Also, book sleeves.


August Haul

Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen ◊

A Million Junes by Emily Henry ♦

Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword (Hereville #1) by Barry Deutsch ◊

The First Escape (The Doppel Ganger Chronicles #1) by G. P. Taylor ♦

♦ The Great Mogul Diamond (The Doppel Ganger Chronicles #3) by G. P. Taylor ◊

◊ The Graces by Laure Eve ♦

♦ Price of Eden (Aquarius Rising #3) by Brian Burt ◊

◊ Black Gate Vol. 1 – 3 by Yukiko Sumiyoshi ♦

♦ Made in the Image of the Goddess (The Legacy of Zyanthia #1) by Chantelle Griffin ◊

Aside from the books, I also bought and received bookish stuff like bookmarks, inspired cards and book sleeves. Here are the following items:

⇒ Inspired Percy Jackson Bookmarks (Card and Magnetic) with Poseidon (my Dad hahaha) & my blog logo plus the freebies that crescent and my blog name bookmark :D. All from @the.bookish.marks. Thank you 🙂 You can check their shop too for some awesome bookmarks or you can customize your own, your choice.

⇒ The Legacy of Zyanthia Inspired Cards given to me along with the book by Ms. Chantelle. Thank you, too 😀

⇒ Bookmark from Mr. Burt. Thank you again.

⇒ The DIY bookmarks from Paige, @popthebutterfly which bear my name and handle name in Instagram. Thank you for making that and I really appreciate your efforts.

⇒ Book sleeves [not in the photo sort of I forgot to include] from @therusticlibrary. They are quite good and I love them.

I only read three books from last month which is not good. I will surely catch up this month since I know I have more time this month. By the way, these are the books that I have read and review on my blog:

Ψ Cool As Cucumber (The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs #2) by Jonathan & Keren Joseph

Ψ Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen

Ψ Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

I think that’s all I can say from August throwbacks. Hope you enjoy your short stay 😀

Thanks for reading,


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[Book Haul] June & July – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Hi there, Peeps!

First day of August and time for the Wrap-Up!

It is this moment again that I have to share with you the books I hauled, read and received from some people (especially authors) or which I just bought from our local bookstores.

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[Book Haul] April & May – Books Showtime & Wrap Up!!

It is now the 31st day of May – last day before June and time to show you what books I’ve been hoarding the past days of this month.

Some books are very in unexpected one to be found but yeah I’m the lucky one to score. There are others that I just bought because it was interesting for me even not for you. The cover of the book sometimes affect the motives of my buying scheme and the sale price to be also a factor. Factors always a way for me to be in control on buying but I know my limits and I just forgot to notice, then all I know the books are now in my hands ready to go home.

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