[Book Haul] June & July – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Hi there, Peeps!

First day of August and time for the Wrap-Up!

It is this moment again that I have to share with you the books I hauled, read and received from some people (especially authors) or which I just bought from our local bookstores.

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JournaLife: June[TWO]


Saturday?! Yeah! It’s been near to my first day of school, though I’m not excited about it. I’m pretty not on the mood on going. Nah, I’m college now and it’s not a big deal for me but an important thing to consider.

Do you have a better day or you’re on it, didn’t you?

Writing-Ideas This week…

I’ve been waiting for my book mail but unfortunately it didn’t go well. It just not come. I don’t think it’s a bad news, there’s other time or tomorrow or maybe I just go pass by the post office to get it but I hope I don’t I hope it just came by next week here in my house (I’m just lazy to go there, you know).

I finished watching the first season of Supernatural. It’s an accomplishment to me, promising that I will be motivative and actively done watching all the seasons until the present since it is ongoing T.V. series.

I just got enrolled in my college and I be starting by next week which sure I don’t think I should go by that time. I don’t want or maybe I just go. I’m not certain. Even though, yeah it’s going to have some bunch of new faces on the campus and old friends of mine, classmates and the feelings when it just started at the first day – you name it.

The Time Keeper of Mitch Albom is such a good book. I just finished it and I will be going to give its review by tomorrow so check that out!

Writing-Ideas Today…

I been thinking of buying some school stuff with my mom but it goes we both forget it. So instead I’m here the whole day watching the season 2 of Supernatural. Oh, I know I’ve been so addicted to this, the thrills, suspense, mystery, adventures, and actions. I’m gonna finish this season today and then take the next maybe the next day.

Writing-Ideas Coming Week…

It’s my start of school and it’s gonna be might fun or sort of. I just don’t feel the vibes but I will. Maybe. Or not.

Then, how about you, do you have the day to be called? Or is yours this week a better one or any?

I hope you have it.

Have Great Readings, Buddies!


JournaLife: June[ONE]

Yow! Looks like I have here some surprises. And I recently got (some) déjà vu. Don’t know what it means but the scene keeps on bothering – somewhat or I am likely there on that time. The idea that I might time travel back in this time – hope so.

My June first’s week entry. There are really nice happen this week actually this just happened today. Smirking. It was so fast. But what this week happenings.

Writing-Ideas This week…

The time I waited for me to enroll in my college. The processing takes too long. I waited almost half the day. With the help of my friends and classmates, the time never been noticed, we just talk and talk about past vacations, hobbies, and what-who-when-where-why questionable things. Also, we interchange situation. After I have my break, I exchange with them in the line and I’m the one who’d continue waiting for the assessment for us to go to the next – paying the fees.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for me to go to Accounting Office for evaluating. So I’m planning that I will be finished and be enrolled next week. I will.

Reading webtoon comics, that how the routine when I’m after the chores in the house. I just got interested in Marvel Comics this time. Though I read some of them from my childhood but now just got back on them. So I’m thinking of different comics to share and give some thoughts for the next week – hope you check that out! Clue: The adaptation movie of it just passed by but it was new this year.

I’m currently reading two books actively. Namely, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell – my recent secondhand copy and Star Racers by Martin Felando – this was digital copy given to me by the author, that’s a privilege even his new author to me, I appreciated really. We had exchange emails and I’m so not that me that time I think – but I make sure to be kind and polite. I just grab the opportunity and ask him an interview but not too early until I finished the book – chat only – maybe I might ask, you know. I not halfway to Star Racers but I almost finish Eleanor and Park – I will be posting the review for this next week so stay tuned – what a lovely book.

Writing-Ideas Today…

Early morning this day, my brother came. So much goodies. So much drama, just kidding, actually, it was my mother who you know what mother do when such occasion happens just like when my brother came from Saudi Arabia.

He had full of gifts to us. Well, I got my wireless headset and digital watch. I also grab some Toblerone and candies and chocolates. Yup, that’s so yummy. I also take some extra for my well close friends and classmates. We had some talk and my mother said she didn’t recognize at first my brother and then she did and hug him so much. Only my mom did it, I don’t it’s not my thing. I just never did it to him but maybe someday in the course of our achievements in life. And we can’t think of a thing but to hug each other because of our accomplishments – who knows!

Anyway, this day so much of greatness indeed. I got my big smile, really big and wide crescent moon – but not the creepy one, the smirking, and excited one. I had my morning mood that time so it ended quite unanticipated then back to the routine.

Hoping to have more exciting things to happen forward ’til the day goes another day.

I might finish the book of Rainbow Rowell which is I really love now this time. Oh… what an interesting book. I can help myself.

Writing-Ideas Next week…

I’m working on it, I might think of finishing the season one of the Supernaturals and have a comics marathon – Marvel comics – for now, I keep my mouth shut. I might blurt it out and it will be such a spoiler for my next post this coming Wednesday. Patience must come and observe. Check that out!

I will wake up early – I must set my alarm to this but just got these days to wake up early, though. I just really need to be enrolled in my college. That’s it.

That’s all for today.

Great Readings to all yah Buddies!