Descendant of Poseidon Recommends Conor Maynard’s Playlist Songs + Covers

Hi, there!

Welcome to my non-bookish recs where I let you know (aside from my reading kingdom) other stuff I also do or love with my spare time or whole damn time.

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Descendant of Poseidon Recommends Lookism (Webtoon)

Hi, Feaders!

Another new section I made today. This will be going to roam around every now and then. Fixed day was not yet decided but I hope once or twice I do this thing every week. This will tackle everything, not everything really just the moment I love the featured hobby or manga or webtoon or TV Shows or other than what I said – it depends on my feelings. Books can be but every time I review I did recommend the book. I’m saying, this will fit only to another side of what I do aside from my reading (but let’s see maybe I will change my mind). A place where I can share that might make you want to take a binge about it also. Happy if you could. A bond we can settle to talk about the same topic. That will be awesome, right? Yeah, it is.

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