[Book Blitz] The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

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Have you already buy your copy of The Boy Who Steals Houses?

Nah? Why not! If I were you, I will buy myself a copy now and begin to read and know why the boy steals houses and how this story will make you love it more.

There are blurb and details about this book below that will be a great help in pushing you to have this soon (or even now). Also, links where you can purchase it.


[Review] Love And The Sea And Everything In Between by Brian McBride

love and the sea and everything in between--


Disclosure: *I received a reading copy of this book from the author himself in exchange for my honest review and don’t mean to affect how I will read nor give my opinion about it. My opinion is mine and mine alone after reading the book.Β 

[Review] The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner

Advanced Merry Christmas to all!

Few days to go and yeah, Christmas already. How y’all gonna spend it. Well, I’m with my family during the occasion so that will be good enough, right. Also, I will be catching up with my reading radar just to minimize a little bit of my TBR. Ugh! I will definitely put this on my new year resolution (but, I’m sure that will not gonna happen since every book lover’s TBR grows LARGER, not LESSER).

Anyway, here’s my review of The Serpent King that I honestly read from the last few days of November and only writing my thoughts about it today (damn, way too long, you think). I can’t help it when life happens. Though there are more review stacks I still need to write up before this year ends. I hope I can make it.

The Serpent King--


[Review] Both Of Me by Jonathan Friesen

Book Review (BOMJF) Photo - New


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[Review] The Band 4: The Air We Breathe by Marguerite Nardone Gruen

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