[Book Haul] June & July – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Hi there, Peeps!

First day of August and time for the Wrap-Up!

It is this moment again that I have to share with you the books I hauled, read and received from some people (especially authors) or which I just bought from our local bookstores.

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[Book Haul] April & May – Books Showtime & Wrap Up!!

It is now the 31st day of May – last day before June and time to show you what books I’ve been hoarding the past days of this month.

Some books are very in unexpected one to be found but yeah I’m the lucky one to score. There are others that I just bought because it was interesting for me even not for you. The cover of the book sometimes affect the motives of my buying scheme and the sale price to be also a factor. Factors always a way for me to be in control on buying but I know my limits and I just forgot to notice, then all I know the books are now in my hands ready to go home.

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[Book Haul] March – Books Showtime & Wrap Up!!

Hey hey, Peeps!

Sorry for too late to post my March book hauls. But right now, I will still show you what I got for the past days of the last month. I’m quite happy to receive those books that actually I still don’t read some of them (hahahaha). 

I will change my way of letting my hauls are presented. I will go in a point of view of each book so you can take a better look at it. I’m glad I did the shot in each book and proud I did so.


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[Book Haul] February – Books Showtime & Wrap Up!!

New month again. Seriously, time is so swift and it is March right now. Summer is so really near and you-know-what-we-do to stay cool, swimming at beach!

Anyway, today I’m going to show you what I got from the last month. Of how I made some haul and obviously make my TBR to tower again.

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[Book Haul] November & December – Books Showtime & Wrap Up!!

First of all,

Let me greet you a Happy New Year and this coming Happy Chinese New Year, Feaders!!


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