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Joel here

From beloved country, Philippines

Welcome to my blog – Descendant of Poseidon Reads

Where a demigod lives and accounts his reading experienced

by giving a bit of info about it and book reviews.

First of all, before my real introduction start, I just want to thank you for visiting my blog and reading some of its contents. I really appreciate every little move of yours. I mean it seriously.

So for the introduction, I’m not now a newbie here in terms of blogging (which I’m sure, sort of) but I’m still a learner that gradually improves with the help of blogging community. A book blogger is a kind of interesting and exciting to do even as part of being a student takes also some time (not a thing to be a surprise of if you can relate).  If you will be asking me on why on earth I choose this as a hobby, well, all I can say is that I did not really choose this as my hobby or thing. Fate draw me here as destiny whisper into my ear on pursuing and my bare hands make it come true so the blog was born then. In short, it just pops out of nowhere and I think it was way cool that it did. You see, I was able to take the reading side and this blogging to be in perfect combination since I can review what I read (or not, it depends) and do some book-related thing like I make also this sort of journal with not entirely what I did these past days but a little scoop or slice of my life.

My book life is in questionable ending since best books are just waiting to be created and read. Honestly, I’m a bit outdated right now but I know I can follow by and read the latest. I just need some time. Time is really my frienemy but being a bibliophile TBR list is always not ending as a true lover of books (hahaha).

For some other question, you can email me at my email – Anything can be questioned to me as long as I can answer it through my best effort and time.

For now, I have some pre-questions that I randomly collect on some bloggers which are also been questioned to them and now I will be the one to take the stand.

What genre/s do you like?

Fantasy & Science Fiction! Is that ok?! (lol I ask a question) Ever since I’ve read PJO, I begin loving some books having both or one that genres. It just you know a portal to a world you wonderfully want to have or live in. Imagination is a real great effort to feel these genres.

Books/ Book series you really like?

I choose PJO. I just really like the book series. It’s about mythology which I also love reading ’cause I wonder if it’s just true in some way.


I awesomely choose Rick Riordan since he’s the best for me ever since I read PJO (lol again fandom). By the way, he has new books that were recently published and unfortunately, I haven’t read it yet.

T.V. Series / Movie Adaption?

I like Supernatural (actually it is really awesomely damn supernatural), Mr. Robot (the story is quite unexpected) and The Magicians (adaptation for the novel of Lev Grossman). In terms of the movie adaptation, I also love The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monster ( the adaptation of PJO which sadly don’t have now sequels since I don’t why). There is also some movie adaptation I love: The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, I love the movies of these even there are you know when it comes adapting books into movies.

What brings you to the world of reading?

Hmmm, I don’t think the exact answer for this but I just love to read. Before, I read any book as long as I can – you know – improve my reading skill or comprehension. But right now, I’ve been choosing some type of genres that I will be really interested and that’s how I begin consuming my time with reading. Through reading, I can explore different world, experience different power and love in every aspect of how to love (so drama lol).

As I say from the start I love reading Fantasy and Science Fiction. And as time went on I also love some of the genres as it also makes me fun and it gives entertainment.


That’s it I think.

Thanks for your time, I hope we can get along here in this blogging.