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So here’s my stop and I’m going to share my review of this book. How I love it and enjoy everything about it. I’m on the first kickoff week of the tour and we hope you still have joined us for the rest of the tour.

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Disclosure: *I received an advance reading copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review and don’t mean to affect how I will read nor give my opinion about it. My opinion is mine and mine alone after reading the book. Thank you, Kate @ The Backwards Bookshelf for having me in this blog tour and to Macmillan Publishing for the provided ecopies.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Classism, extreme poverty/hunger, kidnapping, descriptions of blood and other serious injuries.


An uplifting middle-grade debut about perseverance against all odds, Marie Miranda Cruz’s debut Everlasting Nora follows the story of a young girl living in the real-life shanty town inside the Philippines’ North Manila Cemetery.

After a family tragedy results in the loss of both father and home, 12-year-old Nora lives with her mother in Manila’s North Cemetery, which is the largest shanty town of its kind in the Philippines today.

When her mother disappears mysteriously one day, Nora is left alone.

With help from her best friend Jojo and the support of his kindhearted grandmother, Nora embarks on a journey riddled with danger in order to find her mom. Along the way she also rediscovers the compassion of the human spirit, the resilience of her community, and everlasting hope in the most unexpected places.

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From the eyes of a child, you will see how life play with its surrounding. The moment your lives catch fire, truth to be told how your life is going to change and how you’re going to deal with it. A failing assurance of future. A dream. That’s where you will meet Nora. Nora’s voice is the voice of every Filipino striving forward to do what it takes to reach their dream in the shortage of light and the continuous flow of living.

Everlasting Nora certainly deserves my deepest appreciation and salute in featuring a realistic story that not only it is full of moral values and determination but also how rich it is in day-to-day reality which the child protagonist, Nora, has been facing. I may not be in that situation but thinking of ways to survive a single day with the little luxury they have can be really so hard. As Nora is just a child – imagine that – when you should expect her to be in school, and playground, learning, playing and socializing with her peers and friends. How can life be so selfish. Add more, the scenario in front of her – her home, her mother’s new hobby, and the rest (you’ll gonna find it out – don’t want to spoil further).

I have read some Filipino authors and some of them are also good. But this one really delves into what still the invisible society is today – the living quarters in the cemetery, the end-to-end houses build out of pieces of woods, etc., that represents the squatters. As much as I like the book, it is also a big mirror, reflecting how poverty can still be a burden with the less opportunity to make it better due to increasing standards on living in the modern world.

Everlasting Nora is a great book and heart-warmingly good with a mix of braveness, courageous, determination and hope. Always to remember how much this gives me aches and morals of life. Thank you, Ms. Marie, for scribing this wonderful book for the world to see young Nora’s story. A Filipino representation you shouldn’t miss.



About the Author

Marie Miranda CruzMarie Miranda Cruz

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Marie Miranda Cruz is a writer of middle-grade and young adult novels and a clinical laboratory specialist. She is a contributing author for two anthologies, FRACTURED FABLES, Image Comics USA, and WOLF-GIRLS ANTHOLOGY, Hic Dragones, Manchester England. Her debut middle-grade novel, EVERLASTING NORA, was published October 2, 2018, from Starscape, Tom Doherty Associates, Macmillan Publishers. Marie lives in Los Angeles with her family and a tank of fighting fish. When she isn’t writing books for kids, she may be analyzing chromosomes in a genetics lab, reading a good book, or knitting ponchos and fingerless gloves.

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