PageHabit: September Box [Science Fiction] Unboxing

Hello, hello there!

Another unboxing today! And this isn’t a spoiler since it is now October and September box was what I recently acquired here.

Alright! Let’s begin the unboxing 😀



As you see, I did change from YA to Science Fiction. What can I do, I really love Sci-Fi.

So let’s have a peek every item inside the box.


Look at that! So beautiful.


Here’s the first, set of bookish goodies. [From top, left to right] PageHabit bookmark for September month – has a quote at the back (I haven’t taken a shot). Book pin, my first to have and thankfully this was brought in by PH. Time Traveller patch, this too, I never had this in my possession and it is so cool. This cutey flexy orangey rubber flat bear face is so heart heart. Love it. Another round of two feather pens again 😀


Featured book: Paradox Bound by Peter Glines. Oooohhhh…

An extra book that is in Literary Fiction category: The Trick by Emanuel Bergmann. So lucky. Looks like I bought another box.


This will never be completed without the author’s letter for me. Yey! At last, I have one now. There’s this Romance short story from Great Jones Street – Sweet Cheeks by Lee K. Abbott. Also, for this September, the featured country, Dalia Togo where the donation will be. You can check out here other books featured in every genre. Just like I say, The Trick is in Literary Fiction and other books.

That’s all from the tour of my September Science Fiction box. I wish you had some fun from my unboxing.

Sadly, this is my last unboxing but I hope I can manage to do this again when that comes.

I guess I’ll say goodbye for now.

If you haven’t tried any book subs, why don’t you commit to this one. PageHabit is really awesome subscription box. Lots of giveaways, members from their own page, and charity works. Your money will never be only into from the box you subscribed but also to their chosen country to be served with their donation that aims to help those schools or communities in lack of libraries, or resources for them to learn more. That’s why I choose this sub, it is a win-win situation.

logo-6b1fed18c7680f7cf28ac5a03b8cd7ab copy

And I can give you a little help with that. If you sign up and subscribe here, there’s a $10 dollar off your bill. So, what are you waiting for, try now before they out from stocks. You can choose from 8 varieties below.


Thank you for reading.



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