PageHabit: August Box [YA Fiction] Unboxing and Review

Hi, guys!

Have you ever heard some book box subscriptions? Have you heard from one of them, PageHabit?



I’ve been known to book subscription thing thru Instagram (using my bookstagram account). There are too many to choose from and all are awesomely good. It’s a tough choice if I will really order one. But the big deal is having a new release book stuff together with some great bookish deluxe. Isn’t it cool and book-tastic?! As a book nerd, I find it interesting. Though, there are also non-book box subscriptions that can suit your inner bookworm fandom or bookstagram props – I admit I’m into this.

Well, today, I’m going to unboxed my first ever box subscription with PageHabit. Aside from that, I’m going to review it too.

So let’s start 😀


Guess what I got this August box – a new release book by S.M. Harper entitled The Rattled Bones. The book is unknowingly new to me, haven’t heard of it, too, but that’s also good since I want some book sourcing even not due to it is recommended by others, though book recommendation is helpful just that it is ok to make a difference or exploration, you know. It is in Young Adult Category and an annotated hardcover. All through some pages, you will find an annotated notes made already by the author of the book itself. Even it is not signed inside the book, a signed note right on the cover is waiting for you which I think will do.

The box includes, too:

  • A short story, The Bridge by Sacchi Green – a historical romance published by Great Jones Street. Blurb: Since Regina’s return to England after nursing the soldiers in France, she’s had trouble coping with the loss of a loved one and her distance from a war that needs her. But a free-spirited painter may help her realize she’s exactly where she belongs.
  • Exclusive letter from S.M. Harper [not in the photo]. Too bad they have forgotten to enlist this in my box. I contacted them of this and I’m just waiting for their response. Anyway, it is too great if I had it right now as it looks like the author is talking to me thru this letter.
  • A PageHabit bookmark with an inspired quote from the book, Matilda by Roald Dahl.
  • A Hello, Lucky bookmark – one set of 4 pcs. cute minis magnetic bookmark
  • One pair of bookish sock
  • A cactus pen with holder (the pot)
  • Two white feather pen
  • Lastly, the August Donation card which includes the country where the donation is to be awarded and Buea, Cameroon is the chosen one. You can see here also the books that are featured for the latest categories namely, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, Horror, and Mystery. A new category selection was added and it is Science Fiction which you can see for this month of September. The one I choose for my next book box.

I’m done unboxing my August PageHabit box. Hoot! Hoot! 😀

Time to review now this book box subscription.

What is PageHabit?


PageHabit provides exclusive book subscription boxes featuring author-annotated new release books in a variety of popular genres including Literary Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction and more. They are changing the way people share stories by creating a completely immersive reading experience for every kind of bookworm–the word-nerds, story smitten, information seekers, and diehard bibliophiles. Deliver the best new book releases to your door and bundle them with exclusive author insight, including written annotations, bookish goods, and an active reading community to boot – ©PageHabit


PageHabit has so many choices of a category you can pick. As for the latest, they now have 8 variety of selection that includes Literary Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, and Science Fiction (the newly added genre). I like this idea of various picks that lets the reader choose their taste of book they want in their box. There might be some cases that, you know, the reader might not like the type of genre the book includes. I choose, by the way, Young Adult and as I unboxed mine I got The Rattled Bones by S.M. Harper.

In terms of the bookish goods this box had, well, it is not bad at all; bookworm like me will be satisfied. The bookmarks, socks, and bookish pens inside the box are nice and great especially the socks – I love it. Also the white feather pens even the cactus pen. I think all hahaha.

The short story as an additional item for this box – which they added this month of August – is a bonus freebie you will get, too. Only in PageHabit.

For the price of $29.99 per month, the box is worth to subscribe, only the shipping fee that matters though for my side since I’m from overseas, the shipping fee is high (additional of $19.99). It really depends on which country you are from that you might be paying much less for your subscription. No worries if you are lucky, you might get some discount sometimes from there promotional code which is included in their newsletter also thru their social apps just stay tuned. There are sometimes giveaways.

PageHabit is a unique book box subscription. Why? It is because they donate books to support children’s literacy for every mail they delivered. Looks really a win-win situation for me as you came to love your box, you haven’t thought that you are also supporting this kind of generosity. They do this every month for every different country with every different organization they partnered. Imagine a year has passed and they already help 12 countries. Woah! That is very awesome. As PH quoted, “We are founded on the simple belief that reading is for everyone”. I agree with them. For the month of August, they donated the country of Buea, Cameroon which I’m pleased to hear that I’ve contributed to make it happened.

I recommend PageHabit box subscription to anyone who likes the idea of donating books to underserved communities around the world for every subscription made which you can be part of it.

P.S. This is not a review box but rather I’d paid for this box subscription with my own expenses. All my opinions here are mine and mine alone only.



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4 thoughts on “PageHabit: August Box [YA Fiction] Unboxing and Review

  1. Ya I know of such bookish boxes. There are a few in India too. Booksbeyondboxes and such. They send new books, along with fancy bookmarks, sometimes some bookish jewellery too.
    I have never ordered such boxes but some of my friends order from them. Once a friend of mine got a necklace just like Hermione Granzer’s Time Turner. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since this is not a bad thing to have. I guess, I do like the idea of it. Anyway, it is only sticky notes so you can remove it though. But I wouldn’t as it doesn’t really affect at all 😊😁


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