[Review] Cool As Cucumber by Jonathan & Keren Joseph

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Disclosure: *An ebook copy of this book was given to me by the authors as a gift and I hereby review it with my honest opinion. All of my thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone as best as reading the novel. Taking this opportunity to give my thanks to Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Keren Joseph for giving me a chance to read their book a second time around.*

Hello, Feaders!

Midterm exams are coming *GOT* – so I get to double time for my course subjects and fixing now my schedule which my reading might be sloppy this week but then I will try to hold things up.

Back to the main heading, today, I’m gonna review the second sequel for The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs, Cool As Cucumber.

I love how this series is making my day somehow a bit less stressful. Anyway, here is my review.



When there’s a cockroach outbreak in the town of Cornville, only one man is as cool as a cucumber.

Mr. Griffs isn’t at all fazed by the cockroaches – not when he has a garden full of cucumbers. When news of his alternative remedy gets out, Mr. Griffs is faced with an angry mob. Led by Steve Moran, Mr. Griffs’ arch nemesis, the cucumber thieves will stop at nothing to get what they want. Mr. Griffs is forced to put aside his scientific research on wild bush turkeys and must do whatever is necessary to protect his flowerbeds, his garden, his house and his friends. Even if it means teaching Steve a lesson or two and setting the local council straight.

‘Yes, the rumours are true. I do have home grown cucumbers and their skins deter cockroaches. They’re also quite delicious, if I do say so myself. You can pickle them, put them in salads or even just eat them whole.’



Cool As Cucumber is the second installment for The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs by both Jonathan and Keren Joseph. Though you can even read this book in standalone just like watching a cartoon. You can catch up actually but even then I hope you read first Never Assume as the first book of the series. I have the review here which you can look at.

This story is ridiculous, witty, and satirically narrated. I love how it is simply written and you can definitely get along the flow. This is only a short read but I indeed love the fun it gives and the interesting debate between Mr. Griffs and Mr. Moran. How it ended always in favor with Mr. Griffs and unfortunate with Mr. Moran. I really like how Mr. Griffs can overthrow some of Mr. Moran’s personal comment and rehearsed speech. The tandem between the two – the playful differences dynamics are perfectly matched. I surely can just hate Steve Moran even he has this hatred with Mr. Griffs because without him I can’t even quite think ahead how the story will be going to look like now. I love Mr. Griffs on the side though.

This second book, in summary, is indeed nicely done and the humor sense is always there. I’m super glad I’ve been given the opportunity to read this. Thank you again, Mr. Jonathan & Ms. Keren. Gonna wait for the next book.



About the Author             

Jonathan and Keren Joseph

– are a brother and sister team from Sydney, Australia.

They are the authors of The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs – a series of short stories.

Jonathan likes jam donuts, tennis, and the colour of autumn leaves. He dislikes it when laptops breakdown too quickly and the fine print to a sale. His favourite thing about Steve Moran is how his obsession with taking down Mr. Griffs has consumed his life.

Keren likes eggplant pizza, books, and peppermint scented lip balm. She dislikes bad chai lattes and pushy salespeople. Her favourite thing about Steve Moran is how quickly the polished facade he presents to the world unravels when Mr. Griffs provokes him.

They have Instagram page @goforgriffs and Facebook page mrgriffs. Check them out!

More at mrgriffs.com.

Thank you for reading!


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