[Review] Both Of Me by Jonathan Friesen

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Tales of Life (of Poseidonโ€™s Son) ๐Ÿ”ฑChapter 18 – 20 Vol. 2๐Ÿ”ฑ


Once upon this modern eraโ€ฆ

A long hiatus. When life slaps you in the face that you need to handle some things first and forgot that you still have other things to do like blogging – *sigh*. Midterm exams did take me into lull state here. It was a hard time then from these past weeks. Thankfully, though, these stumbling blocks – exams – ended and here I am in your presence again.

Recapping the last time two consecutive weeks starting from the 1st week of August.

1st week of August

This was the week that I changed the theme of my bookstagram which I’m proud of using now and it will be permanent as long as I want it to be. I finished also the Cool As Cucumber sequel to Never Assume – mini-series about the witty life of Mr. Griffs together with his nemesis, Mr. Moran, the story is such a good play. Lucky to be a reader in this kind of plot. I reviewed it here. I also attended a school seminar that took half of my day and worth it at the end.

2nd week

Book Mails:

  • A Million Junes by Emily Henry – I won this book from the June challenge giveaway which is held on Instagram.
  • Made In The Image Of The Goddess by Chantelle Griffin – I was given a chance to review this book by the author itself. Thank you, Ms. Chantelle.
  • Price of Eden by Brian Burt – I did read the first two books in this series, Aquarius Rising and this third book was given to me. Thank you too, Mr. Brian.

Book Hauls:

  • Both Of Me by Jonathan Friesen
  • Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch
  • Black Gate Vol. 1-3 by Yukiko Sumiyoshi
  • The Great Mogul Diamond ( The Dopple-Ganger Chronicles #3) by G.P. Taylor

Since I’m feeling of acquiring new bookmarks, I decided to buy some from this local online shop @the.bookish.marks in Instagram. I did receive thoseย though this week and I’m loving the bookmarks I bought (some of them are customized and the freebies are such lovely). Thinking of having my money on them again when I find another time soon. The moment of silence came and I took the exam, not plural because yeah obviously just one and still the agony continues to burden my shoulders.

Not that I just took an exam but I also did same in test – AMCAT Test specifically. I wasn’t properly introduced to it but based on what I’ve heard or came to know, looks like a guide in finding some job opportunity. And I manage to answer all the questions honestly in a stock knowledge way just as I say I’m not prepared for this.

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[Review] Cool As Cucumber by Jonathan & Keren Joseph

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Disclosure: *An ebook copy of this book was given to me by the authors as a gift and I hereby review it with my honest opinion. All of my thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone as best as reading the novel. Taking this opportunity to give my thanks to Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Keren Joseph for giving me a chance to read their book a second time around.*

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Six Pack: Emergence by B.W. Morris Book Blitz + Birthday Giveaway

Hello, Feaders!

Today’s spotlight goes to Six Pack: Emergence by B.W. Morris. Six Pack: Emergence is the first book in The Six Pack Series. You can read the blurb about this book and check out the author below. There is also a giveaway with this book, just see below for more info.


ย  ย  ย About The Book ย  ย ย 


Purchase link: Amazon

What if society was controlled by a drink, but there was another drink that might allow one to change the way things were? This is the question faced by Tyler Ward and his five friends in the new book Six Pack: Emergence.

Tyler is set to graduate from secondary school when he learns the truth about the nation of Novusordo and how the government controls the population through a drink. He and his five friends visit a professorโ€™s house, consume another drink and gain strange powers. Now they find themselves part of a movement against the government and must learn to control their powers and how they might change society. But can they trust the movementโ€ฆ or even each other?


Author_Label [2018]

16655227B.W. Morris

Six Pack: Emergence, a young adult, science fiction, andย dystopian novel is written by B.W. Morris, a longtime writer for small-town newspapers, though it took him a while to embrace his inner comic book geek and put his overactive imagination to work through novel writing. The novel, published by Clean Reads, is Morrisโ€™ debut work, the first in a planned trilogy.

Morris may be reached via email at bwmorris@mail.com or to learn more about his work, visit his blog at relaxingwithsixpack.blogspot.com.

ย  ย GIVEAWAY ย ย 

To celebrate the month of his birthday, Morris is giving away a free ebook of his debut novel. You must enter the giveaway at Amazon by Aug. 16 and may do so by following this link: https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/1f12261980c92216#ts-afo


Check Me Out Here ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย ย ย ย 

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[Book Haul] June & July – Books Showtime and Wrap Up!!

Hi there, Peeps!

First day of August and time for the Wrap-Up!

It is this moment again that I have to share with you the books I hauled, read and received from some people (especially authors) or which I just bought from our local bookstores.

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