Descendant of Poseidon Recommends Conor Maynard’s Playlist Songs + Covers

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Welcome to my non-bookish recs where I let you know (aside from my reading kingdom) other stuff I also do or love with my spare time or whole damn time.

Today, let’s introduce some music playlist. Have you heard the songs of Conor Maynard? You might know him to do a cover of the latest branded songs but he also has his own. One that I recently been listening was his Are You Sure? with Kris Kross Amsterdam ft. Ty Dolla Sign. It was a great song that I love from him and Grenade that he sang together with his brother, Jack Maynard on which they name their tag team GOAT. Going back to Grenade, it was really a nice one which is a parody song since I came laughing out of it – kinda watching a clip video only that it was produced to satirical and musical way.

mini Blu.png

“Oh, ’cause I need you to jump on this grenade for me”

This was definitely must be in your sound track since you will not only gonna love it but if you watched the official video of this song, well, you must be laughing right now or we just don’t have the kind of the same appetite but it’s your take. I found it fun and at the same time perfect for my kind of humor.

Since I’m really into recommending the playlist with Conor’s, here is it: (I will add the one I mentioned above)

♣ Are You Sure? – with Kris Kross Amsterdam ft. Ty Dolla Sign

♣ Grenade – Goat (with Jack Maynard)

♣ Mi Gente – J. Balvin & Willy William (his new cover, check this out!)

♣ Closer – The Chainsmoker ft. Halsey [cover]

♣ Cash Cash – All My Love (ft. Conor Maynard)

♣ I Hate U, I Love U – Gnash (ft. Olivia O’Brien) [cover]

♣ One Dance – Drake (ft. Wiz & Kayla) [cover]

♣ R U Crazy

♣ Pillowtalk – Zayn [cover]

♣ Love Yourself – Justin Bieber [cover]

Oh, one more thing, I also love the one he is making together with known singers – the SING OFF. I’m looking forward also on that one. It was cool and Olly Murs is one of the singers whom also my fave :D. The Vamps, Pixie Lott, William Singe and Alex Aiono were the others. Good choice on some of the songs and mashing all up well good. I will put the list here also if you want to watch or listen.


  • Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (vs. The Vamps)
  • 2U by David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber (vs. Olly Murs)
  • Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber (vs. Pixie Lott)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by Zayn & Taylor Swift (vs. William Singe)
  • 24K Magic by Bruno Mars (vs. Alex Aiono)

That’s all I can recommend this time see you around then. Happy listening and watching (if you want to watch the music videos)!

More recs to come and a hint – it will be different this time (lol, obviously it is – hahaha)

Bye for now.

Thanks for your quite enthusiastic time!

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Conor Maynard


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