Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 15 Vol. 2🔱


Once upon this modern era…

I’ve done an accomplishment which is not being late for the entire week. This is really a goal for me since obviously, I’m not observing the punctual attitude hereby affecting my school behavior (one of that I experienced was not having my first-period quiz which is a loss to consider if I do want to pass that subject). Anyway, I did great in doing so. I will promise in succeeding days that I will really make this up to be permanent in the entire school days (though I doubt it hahaha).

Just last Friday, as an instant member of ECESS (our organization at school), I attended their recent activity entitled IRECEPAN 2017 Quiz Show. It was a simulation of how we are going to be when we take our board exam and also a way to choose the candidate who will be representing our school in the upcoming related event for that which is our organization going to attend (including me of course!). Unlucky, I was not chosen even in the Final round. Before this, they conducted an assembly and I also attended it (ugh! it was required so I can’t just be not there). The punishment was not you wanted to be if you’re in my position – community service.

On the blogging and bookish side:

At last! Flame In The Mist by Renee Ahdieh arrived which I’ve waited for one month and extra days. I’m happy now that it was here. The cover was really awesome and beautiful. I can sense a well-crafted story then. I can’t wait to start reading it. Not now though.

I also went book shopping from Booksale again (and will be always) and what I got there was Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld. The book captured my interest so I bought it even I’m experiencing money crisis (thankfully I manage to take part for my bookish needs hahaha).

You won’t believe me but I won a book and it was delivered just recently. The prize was signed copy of A Million Junes by Emily Henry. Happiness overload after finding it and I thought I just shared the news with you if I recall, yeah I did. So this is not new to you but I just want to share again hahaha.

If you also recall, I joined the blog tour for What To Say Next by Julie Buxbaum hosted by Fay @ Bibliophile Soprano. I reviewed it now and you can find it here. The story was indeed sweet, beautiful, charming and heartbreaking. Grab it now as the book was released and you can find it in some stores.

That’s it for this week.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.



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