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Disclosure: I get this review copy for free in exchange for my honest review from the author of the book. It is in a paperback format which given directly to me. I would like to have this opportunity to give thanks to the author for letting me review his book. Thank you, Mr. Igor Max.

Hello, Feaders!

School is filling me up nowadays and I think it will never stop since obviously, they stuff you with more information needed to accomplish the course. Speaking of which, homeworks are on the verge of stacking fast and me considering haven’t done yet to lower the tasks. Preferably, I will stick to being a procrastinator.

Well, let me first introduce you to Awakened by Igor Max. I just finished the book last night and here are my thoughts about it.



Life is hard for “bad boy” Jack Ellis. He’s just minding his own business one day when FBI agents start chasing him. Soon a deadly terrorist also has him in his sights.

Why are they after him? Because they know something he doesn’t—Jack has a paranormal gift that could make him an incredibly powerful teen superhero … or get him killed.

Join Jack as he discovers his awesome new psychic ability, enrolling in a secret-agent training program with other psychic kids (including a teen girl with a uniquely romantic telepathic gift). Jack and his new friends must race against the clock and break every rule to develop their hidden paranormal powers in time to stop an out-of-control psychic terrorist bent on destroying the world!



Awakened, as the debut novel of Igor Max and the first book in the series was a fantastic read all along. That psychic powers of all the four recruited teens were not really normal to have and awesomely I want those too. I feel attached to every one of them especially Jack. Jack from the start of the story has his very own sad side tape. On that age, I can’t or don’t know how will I faced ahead of me but he is brave and resourceful. I also find him smart considering he can read people impression just by looking or the way they behave even he has still not had that psychic ability. Though, he used this type of reading in a bad way. I’m not blaming him since that could be life. In a positive way, he does just want to live a good life but it changes the moment he meets the ‘agents’. His life is on the line. He must cooperate or die trying. Together with the three: Chris, Maya, and Sabine. Sabine is the youngest of them. At her age, she is really strong enough. Maya and Chris the way I look at them first is quite average but proves me wrong as the story goes on. Each has their unique ability where in the middle of the plot, they really engage into a team. I like that moment they dive not-well-planned to unknown future after just awakening their psychic side thing.

Jack and Sabine are really a perfect brother and sister tandem. I see also some of Jack’s longings and his care for Sabine that he feels he should be always with her as a brother do. I’ve been touch by that actually as Sabine is also on his side and willing to be always with him ’cause she sees him just like her father which is really sad that she goes through that as Jack is. Anyway, I’m rooting for their relationship as brother/sister. Also for Maya, I know Jack has his feeling for her and want to know more of it.

This has also its own style in delivering words and I really like how smoothly it is. The range of who will be the speaker and the timing was good and I’m not at lost in reading the whole scenarios. This gives the protagonist – antagonist dynamics that sure is important to give each a place of their side – POV sort of, though there is a time for every character to be highlight which I observed here in the book.

The plot twist was also punched well and I never expected that to happen. Yeah, I really need to read the second book of this to know more what Jack can really do and the others but, well, I’m much devoted for Jack though. I like the power he got and that how I became eager to really read the next book.

Sadly, the cliffhanger this book gives is not I assume to be but well this got a sequel so why not read it next. I’m sure I can find answers to some questions bothering my mind. Please be good book two.

I’m not a fan of Grammar Nazis but I did still see some words out of nowhere and misspelled especially the name Pyotr to Pytor. Just small notice but all is good.

Have the likes in psychic, paranormal and sci-fi thing then this can be yours. Why not give this a chance. Read until you find it amusing. You might really like this at the end or maybe will give you an entertainment. Anyway, I recommend you read this too.



About the Author         

Igor MaxIgor Max

The author of the debut novel, Awakened – the first book in The Mind Agents Series. Deceived and Obliterated are the book two and three.

When he was young, he had a secret desire that at first, he didn’t understand. He didn’t have the words for it. But soon it became an obsession. In the second grade, he finally figured out what it was, exactly, and how to articulate it. He didn’t dare tell anyone. He was too shy for that. It seemed like such an impossible aspiration, so grandiose, so foolhardy. He was afraid people would laugh at him if they knew.

One day, he decided that instead of telling people, he would show them. On his own time, without telling anyone what he was doing (least of all his second-grade teacher, Miss Woulette), he began working on a big project. It wasn’t assigned in class—he assigned it to himself. It was a story. Every day he would come home from school, work on his story, eat dinner, work on his story some more, and then go to sleep, repeating the same process the next day.

After several days, he finally finished it. It was a story about a gum-drop creature who lived on a planet made of candy who journeyed to overcome a villainous liquid gum-drop lava monster who ruled tyrannically over all the gum-drops on the planet. It was 30 pages, written in longhand. With his mother’s help, he stapled the loose-leaf papers together, put the story in his backpack, and brought it to school. He gave it to his teacher, half-expecting her to tell him, “That’s nice, have a seat.” What she did instead was instantly agree to read his story to the entire class. From what he remembers, his fellow students more or less paid attention until the end—not exactly what you would call “bringing down the house,” but in his mind, it was a standing ovation.

He was hooked, and have been living his secret desire to be a writer every since. He lives in Chicago, working to produce a novel every month by 2018.

Thank you for reading!


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