Author Interview with Mallory McCartney Plus Snippets About Her

Hello, Feaders!

Q & A time with Mallory McCartney.

This is my first interview with an author which I can say a fresh start. I really enjoy this interview (virtually) and I’m happy that Ms. Mallory takes a great time answering all my questions. With that, I really give my thanks to her – Thank you, Ms. Mallory 😀


  1. Your debut novel, Black Dawn as published 5 months ago is getting much attention now, how did you feel about it?

Thanks for having me, Joel! So, it’s crazy to think that five months has passed so fast!!! It’s been a surreal experience!!! I feel super thankful to be a part of the book community! To my readers and the friends, I have made along the way- you guys are amazing! Black Dawn wouldn’t be where it is without you all, and for that, I will never have enough thanks!! ❤

  1. Where did you get the inspiration of materializing your idea into your most recent book?

Black Dawn was a long process for me. The story originally came into my mind when I was talking to my cousin when I was sixteen, at my family’s old farmhouse. We are both avid readers and it was that night that I imagined a girl being brought back to a world filled with magic and mystery and she was the long-lost heir to this world. We talked late into the night and I couldn’t shake the story from my mind.  I wrote the first manuscript which was called, “Kiero”, for Jess’s birthday. After that, for seven years I didn’t write another word.

It was three years ago that my husband and I were talking about Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy that my idea came back into the conversation. I called up Jess, and we got the original manuscript out again, and Matt started reading it. I started rewriting the manuscript that we see today as “Black Dawn”, and I didn’t stop. My readers will be irked to know that originally I did ship Brokk and Emory (sorry guys!!!) but with the series being planned into at least four books right now, I have more exciting things planned for you all!!! The inspiration behind the series is blending my love of fantasy, my love for my characters, and creating my own mythology and magic. I pull from a lot of Irish mythology and blend it into something new. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t be here without my great support system and especially Jess and Matt who both fell in love with the world of Kiero with me.

  1. There is a big and new world in there (in your book), how did you conceptualize and execute the story as you go building it?

So, world building is amazingly fun! It all started out with one piece for me, which was The Academy. From there, it was a series of answering questions, what would the different terrain’s look like, the cultures, the borders, and the cities? Once I started answering these questions then the story exploded for me, and the plot was dictated on each character’s path and what happened as they traveled through the world, as well as the history and mythology.

  1. Obviously, you are into a fantasy genre, why did you choose this genre as your first theme and how did you become a fantasy author? Do you really want to become one in the first place?

All my life I have been a fantasy lover an avid reader. I mean, like really obsessed. Harry Potter ignited my obsession with reading, I remember waiting for each new release and as soon as I got my hands on the next book in the series, I would lock myself in my room and lose myself in JK Rowling’s amazing world. I was addicted to that feeling. As a kid, I was always daydreaming, and as my fandoms grew, so did my gut feeling that I wanted to be a part of the book community as a writer. I wanted to create a world, and continue to lose myself in that love for adventure and magic.

I have no formal training as a writer, except for my English classes throughout high school, and it was my teachers throughout the years that helped me kindle my love for writing. The beautiful thing about writing is that you do it because you love it, and you don’t stop because it’s your dream. It not an easy path, but I am so glad that I never gave up,  but only took a pause from it for a bit, and now writing is a part of my everyday routine! I am also excited to take some creative writing courses and only grow my craft!

  1. Can you name or give some authors that influence and inspire you to choose the path of becoming an author? 

Without a doubt JK Rowling, Laini Taylor, Sarah J Maas, and Tamora Pierce!! These authors inspired my love for epic fantasy and to aspire to write and dream what my own world and characters would look like.

  1. Having each character a spot in your book as it is a multiple POV, how did you take your time developing each of them? Who is the hardest one to create?

With each book that I write it is always clear to me how I want the story to be narrated. Black Dawn was stubbornly set in my mind with each character wanting their POV told. I have notebooks filled with character profiles, but as I went along with each chapter, their voices and their sides of the story became very clear and my favorite thing as an author is writing those twists and turns of the main characters that we get to know. The hardest to write hands down is Memphis Carter. Memphis, who not only is one of the MC’s, but also the Commanding Officer, I wrote his character for specific reasons, which as the series unfolds, the reader will learn more about his obsession with control, and his fear of Kiero.

  1. Among them, who is your favorite – the one that been close to you and why did you pick him/her?

My favorites are Emory and Brokk! I can’t choose between them, but when I first started writing they were the first characters that became vivid to me, and their journeys I am excited to share!! They both really evolve with each book.

  1. If you will be given a chance to choose any extraordinary power you want, what it will be? Is there a desire of interest or just you love to have it?

This is a tough question!! Brokk’s ability to travel through time I would love to have! Also, to have the power to control water would be amazing!!! I would love to have both abilities I think 🙂

  1. I heard you are dealing recently with your upcoming new books which are more on how the story begins before the world of Black Dawn exists and the other one as the sequel. How about it, can you hint us up or give some updates?

I would love to!! So, Renegade at first was just planned as a novella but has turned into a full-fledged novel so you can expect it this fall/ winter! Renegade is told by the perspectives of Brokk, Memphis, and Adair and tells the story about the fall of the Academy, and explores the dynamic of the Academy prior to the Rebellion. I’m just doing some re-writes on it now and then it will be submitted to Clean Reads! Queen to Ashes, I have been working on for the past two years, and you can expect it February 2018, and I am ridiculously excited to share both with my readers!!

  1. As I observed, your first book is in less than 200 pages (to be exact it is 180 pages). What do we expect for the next book? Will it be longer this time?

So, both Renegade and Queen to Ashes will be longer than Black Dawn which I am excited to share!! The sequel will be around 500 pages, and Renegade is sitting around 300-350 pages!


  • Here are my dogs, Link, and Lola, and they are basically my life 😀 Also winter is one of my favorite seasons so here is a photo from a Christmas shoot we did 😉

Link and Lola

  • Coffee and I have a long-term love affair lol! I used to not drink it and now… well just see below 😀

Drinking Coffee

  • Before I was a writer, I went to college for drawing and painting. Here is some of my work!


  • Did I mention I really love Lord of the Rings? Well, here is an exclusive for you guys! I traveled there for two months and really took it in stride 😀




And yes that is me as the wraith 😀

  • Lastly, I have A LOT of tattoos. 😀 But my second one was the last line of the last Harry Potter Book and remains to this day, one of my favorites.


About the Book            

Black Dawn Series

Book One

[Reviewed] Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney

The end of an Empire, The rise of a Queen

Emory Fae enjoys leading a quiet, normal life.

That is until two mysterious, and handsome soldiers show up at her apartment, and the life she knew is instantly whisked away. Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster come from the magical and war-ridden world of Kiero, and upon Emory’s arrival, she will discover she is the long lost heir to the Royal Line and is thrown into the Black Dawn Rebellion with a dynamic role to ignite the rebels and reclaim her throne.

With both men being darkly woven in her past Emory uncovers hidden secrets, a power held long dormant, and will soon realize there are worse things than supernatural humans, love, loss, betrayal, and a Mad King.

Some things are better left in the shadows.

About the Author          


Mallory McCartney currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and their two dachshunds Link and Lola.

Black Dawn is her debut novel, the first in a series. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found dog grooming, book shopping, and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

You can follow her on social medias Instagram|@authormalmccartney, Facebook|authormalmccartney, and Twitter|@malmccartney.


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