Descendant of Poseidon Recommends Lookism (Webtoon)

Hi, Feaders!

Another new section I made today. This will be going to roam around every now and then. Fixed day was not yet decided but I hope once or twice I do this thing every week. This will tackle everything, not everything really just the moment I love the featured hobby or manga or webtoon or TV Shows or other than what I said – it depends on my feelings. Books can be but every time I review I did recommend the book. I’m saying, this will fit only to another side of what I do aside from my reading (but let’s see maybe I will change my mind). A place where I can share that might make you want to take a binge about it also. Happy if you could. A bond we can settle to talk about the same topic. That will be awesome, right? Yeah, it is.

I’m not going to spoil around and begin the recs. Say, ‘Hi’ first to my new buddy here, Blu, together to take you on a stroll. *I do the talking* He is only my chaperone to mask my cuteness hahaha – just kidding 😀

So for now, I am recommending the latest webtoon I have read and admire the graphics recently. This is Lookism by Taejoon Park.

mini Blu.png

“A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy.”

This webtoon is a hit for me since the story line was kind of relatable in some cases and the illustrations were good that you can be glued every scroll of the page. I did read by the way on my Android phone but you can view it also on your laptop. Though it will be an easy way if you just used the Webtoon app for your phone as it became so handy to manage there.

From what I know, this is a fresh one as it just came around June this year. It scheduled to be updated every day so today is another strip of comics from it.

Lookism by Taejoon Park (Recs).png

The protagonist in the story is Daniel Park. If you see the one with the glass, he is that one, beside him, is also HIM! Why? Maybe just read the whole story. I will place the link here for that if you are checking out with your computer, directing you to the site where you can read it. For the app, just search the title.

I’m glad I share this with you and hope you can ride on – I swear this comics is really good – best. I can say you could get to pity, envy or just love it. This time, it is only 20 episodes (still counting) and I know you can keep up. Binge it all day 😀

Happy reading 🙂

More recommendations to come. Remain with me and I tell you more and more.

Thanks for your quite enthusiastic time!


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