Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 8-9 Vol. 2🔱


Once upon this modern era…

(last week – May 28, 2017)

Enrollment is nearing up so I must complete the remaining signatory in my clearance as a way I could be cleared in my unsettled accounts (which is systemically processed every damn time in our college before or after the academic year). Not a serious case though. My time I can have a reason to go out and let some activity wash me over beside in our house. I’m somewhat introvert, you know (hahaha). After that, I can go window shopping or book shopping or just roaming around the malls.

Speaking of which, I did again book hauling in my favorite store, Booksale where books are on sale (as the name says). I’m surprised I dig out these two books. One is much trending since it was recently adapted this year into a movie – The Shack by WM. Paul Young and I was looking forward into this to both watch and read, just by watching the trailer I feel my hair goes up and I really feel the spiritual presence the movie gives. The other was kind of new to me but it was a retelling of Van Helsing, the hunter – Alex Van Helsing by Jason Henderson. The preview of the story was good and that’s why I was forced (really?) to buy this book.  Another addition to my growing TBR list and collection of books which I don’t regret every time.

Have you seen my review cover here in my blog whenever I review? I just observed that it was kind of redundancy because I edit the title of the novel to be in the center of the review cover when in fact the book title can be see through the book cover. Also, the reason I came to that conclusion of revising the review cover is that I want to make it suitable in my new Pinterest account which I just recently decided to add in my sharing media option. Making it portrait as a good representation of every book reviews I had since I observed that every picture there are just like that orientation.

(June 4, 2017)

I decided to join two challenges in on and it was interesting and engaging that I’m now on Day 4 of it and will be still ongoing ‘til the last day of June. It was held by various other bookstagram accounts who also love the world of books. The tag names for both challenges are #amillionjunebookstagram and #bloomingjunechallenge2017. I can’t invite you anymore since you might be too late right now to take the leap but try next month if someone will hold again like these challenges.

May just ended and June takes over. A good thing to share with you, my book hauls in the month of May which is, I just posted it here. Go check it out. You might like what I got this month passed or we did have common books hoarded.  Another month to round up again, searching books to treasure and might read or reread or just gaze into it.

As my clearance was cleared in any unsettled accounts, I was ready for the enrollment of which is in this week. The line in the evaluation area was too easily navigated but due to some errors been experienced for quite awhile, people are now in the mood of giving up on the line. Not me ‘cause I’m determined to be enrolled on this day only. Too bad I didn’t have the aim today because the assessment area was kind of not good in their service and there was an occurrence of power blackout so the system goes down for a bit. Next day is when I got enrolled – a piece of cake. I will return again if the school starts but I planned not to attend my first day, the first week of school since I know the routine (I might change my mind at the last minute if it ever comes on the stand).

I finished two books this week and got succeeding review between these books – Ascension by Hannah Rials (see the review here) and Outland Exile [Book #1 in Old Men and Infidels] by W. Clark Boutwell (see the review here). Both books are quite interesting – Deuxsang Vampire – Human Hybrid, and Advanced Tech Post- Apocalyptic World. I recommend that you must read these two if you want new and unique plot. Both do have. Blurbs were inserted for both books if you want to know more of each preview just clicks each review.

That’s it for this week.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.



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