Jigsaw Puzzle Game as my Sidekick Hobby Aside From Reading

Hello, Feaders!

Today’s discussion is about my one of many hobbies and I’m sure you can relate of since this is really a common activity we sometimes do out of our boredom or we just you know did play it.


Yeah, it is putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Quite popular game since then even right now in our modern ages. It can be your educational pastime, excellent for killing time if you haven’t really done stuff or relieving stress you had due to some hectic schedules, and a great fun game for family and friends to share.

Actually, this is my favorite game to play when I was at my young self, the teenage self (though I still look teen, I guess).  I was really hooked playing this and your mind is roaming around the moment you start the fun. A very good memory I owned back in my childhood. I still play it nowadays and same goes as you did scrambling and fidgeting the pieces together of a jigsaw puzzle.

With regards to that, I will be sharing with you this online jigsaw puzzle game, www.jspuzzles.com, where I used to play if I’m having a quite good time or just really need to pass some minutes. The site has a very friendly and simple environment. Easy to manipulate and you can choose the image you want to crack up and build. It will really be up to you. I played some hours with it and what can I say, I was nailed in my position just by finding every piece to combine and recreate the complete picture.

This is their site look like,


As you can see there are various images to choose from and some are cute especially the hamsters ( 🙂 lol).

To start playing the game, just click your chosen image and a window will pop out like this,


There you can pick how many pieces you will have to stick together, the structure of each piece and how you want to see the size of each. Then press, “Play This Puzzle”. Now you’re off to play the game.


This will be the appearance of your playing area. You can customize the color of the background of it and put the transparent complete image for a guide by clicking the small image. Now, let’s start the game and put’em up the pieces. Enjoy!

Hope I give you quite time touring with my hobby aside from reading (what most of the time been using). See yeah, folks!

P.S. Don’t forget to bookmark them so you can come back again 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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