[Review] Life Into Mist by Haidji

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Disclosure: *I received a review copy of this book for free from the author itself in exchange for honest review. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel. I would like to say my thanks for Ms. Haidji in giving me a chance on reviewing her works and for the book of course.*

Hello, Feaders!

Enrollment is nearly coming so I’ve been busy completing the clearance. There’s still unsigned position which I need to follow up and when the that’s done, I guess I should wait for the enrollment to be on the schedule.

Moving on that, have you read any book of Haidji? I recommend if not that you must read any of her works or all of it because right now I will be giving my review to the third work of hers I got namely, Life Into Mist.



A story about life, love, pain, wishes. that create images into a reader’s mind as would each word be a paintstroke painting inside an imagination world.



Another beautiful masterpiece of Haidji.

A poetic short read that envisions you to different images which are creatively painted with the help of her beautiful words of choice and artistry on using them. The style I want when she tell this story that apart from other her works which are really good in the mind and soul.

This book unveils different meanings to the reader that might be nostalgic into the memory of oneself or new to one individual. Aside from that it involves two souls of life whom the journey is very lovely and enchanting, I, myself can’t deny has been hooked up to see how well crafted their story goes.

I really love this and if you want some heartwarming and enjoyable read then pick this up in your next line of reading – right now. I can assure you that you will enjoy this book.



About Author             



Her interest in art began at the age of four when she got a blackboard for Christmas.

She then started to draw objects around the house: chairs, tables, and so on.

As she was 12 she started to write her stories and poems. Handwritten and hand painted books for family and friends.

Her University education was at the University of Applied Science at Idar-Oberstein, Germany, where she obtained a Diploma (equivalent to a Master’s Degree) in Jewelry and Precious Stones Design, and Painting. She is also a qualified Goldsmith.

Haidji is a talented and creative artist who produces abstract work that resonates with warmth and life.

Her stories create images in the reader’s mind, as would a word be a brushstroke painting inside your imagination.

More at www.haidji.blogspot.com and her Twitter, @Haidji.

Thank you for reading!


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