[Review] Dating Down by Alex Dunn

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Disclosure: *I received a review copy of this book for free from the author itself in exchange for honest review. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

Hello, Feaders!

Just turned in my blog into its first year in the blogging world and I’m so proud of it. I posted awhile ago about it and not much to tell really. Like my bookstagram account, I can’t believe I did hit it just like that. Anyway, I congratulate myself for continuing this blogging.

Moving to today’s highlight, I finished reading Dating Down by Alex Dunn and gonna review it so here we are.



Tammy’s got everything: wealth, designer clothes, store cards with unlimited credit, and Ralph Forrester, a drop-dead-gorgeous first-year law student who is going to take her to the end-of-term dance.

There’s only one problem: Ralph Forrester doesn’t exist. He’s only alive in the pages of the Trudy Kensington novels, and unable to face being humiliated in front of the girls she longs to be like, Tammy runs away and headfirst into trouble.

Gary’s life is spiraling out of control after Grace dies. On a mission to prove he’s nothing like his physically abusive father, he comes to Tammy’s rescue and agrees to be Ralph for just one night.

But the lie that brought them together threatens to tear them apart forever when Tammy decides to continue the deceit, and without realizing it, she puts Gary’s life at risk. Determined to make things right, she sets about trying to rebuild Gary’s broken home. But has she done enough to convince him he still has a family worth living for?



It started with a lie, one girl named Tammy who in sudden event become a victim of a traumatic situation then comes this boy named Gary who is depressed but out of nowhere came to help the girl. By the time they met, a spark happened and that’s where the love started to bloom but there are consequences when you begin with a false truth.

I like how this story begins giving the main characters, Tammy and Gary some sort of character visualization and their life before they meet each other which can be a hint of how going the plot will be. I also like how the point of view which is a dual POV in 1st persona between the characters. I came to love both of them and their chemistry is good that I came to imagine in some of the Hollywood actors and actresses. The love story between Tammy and Gary indeed has its holes though it has, I observed one that been a point of highlight – the accidental meeting and that’s how makes it interesting to track with this book. Sweet and emotional, this is a heartwarming young adult romance you will sure to love.

I never though of not reading this in the first place but I’m lucky I did because this is really a gripping story of love bound by fate in an unexpected way. This just reminds me how love can be so magical the moment it struck both of you that grows into your first love.

I can’t say more with the book. I only suggest that you read this soon because this is an interesting love story by Alex Dunn.



About Author             

Alex DunnAlex Dunn

– Young Miss Dunn wasn’t known for her academic record.

 “If Alex put as much effort into schoolwork as she did daydreaming, she’d be a straight-A student,” read one report. Everyone guessed Alex would grow up to be a writer, but travel became her career of choice, and she spent many years living the corporate high life in various exotic locations. Until the night she had a dream she simply couldn’t forget. An abandoned castle, a plutonium candle and fearsome demons that would end the world if she didn’t extinguish the eerie white flame before midnight. Alex’s stories had been simmering inside her for years, and they were starting to burst out. So, she put her pen to paper.

Since that fateful evening, Alex Dunn has become known for her edgy YA fantasy novels and a loyal readership awaits her up and coming series, Alchemyne: The Blackest Phase, which follows Captain Franklin Tennant, a fifteenth generation warrior who must defeat an army of undead, led by a vengeful spirit.

More at alexdunnauthor.com.

Thank you for reading!


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