Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!

Hey hey, Feaders!

What a great day to post my biggest achievement.

Did you know?

Yeah, I know you know (obviously the headline speak out of it hahaha)

So, it is really my Blog 1st Anniversary. Actually, it just turned in last May 10 and because I forgot it, let me give it here a shout out.

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog – Descendant of Poseidon Reads!



I can’t believe it. I can’t imagine that every time I post and review books time is ticking and moving and here I am. Time decided to turn my blog into a year worth. Though killing time is awesome. As awesome as my blog turn its 1st-year existence. Woah! That’s awesome.


Thanks, Dean! Hahaha.

I don’t think of anything to say here actually. I planned for some giveaway though but as fate is not with me, I’m out of my piggy bank. I don’t know how can I make a deal with you guys for being there with me and the blogging society. I wish I had the treasure that I can give each of you but I am thankful always as is, you being there for me. You rocks!



Maybe just give me some hug.


This blog is an instrument for me to express my thoughts and emotions toward a book and book stuff. A great time-killing machine in a good way since the past seconds turn into words, past minutes to sentences and past hours for an article. A day is a bonus for some recognition and an entire year is an achievement to celebrate.

I can’t say much with you guys or really can’t think much hahaha.

But all I want to say is THANK YOU! For your support and likes. You’re my great audience. You always are.


Bye, bye now and always check out my upcoming posts – reviews, monthly hauls, book discussions and everything related with bookish things. I’m out of speech or I’m just not ready to do so hahaha – I will do my best next time :).


P.S. Sorry for too much fandomness with Supernatural. I’m left behind now with their new episodes but I can follow up. I’m sure of it.

Thank you all,


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2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!

  1. Aww, congratulations Joel! 💞 Cheers to a more successful year of blogging for you.


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