Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 5 Vol. 2🔱


Once upon this modern era…

I was tricked. You know the feeling when you trick somebody that the one in victim seems annoyed or embarrassed by your bizarre actions. Yeah. It happened to me. I’m the one though who started doing first the trick but it seemed I’m the one who’ve been deceived by my own act. I’m not denying the fact that it really hurts. Time move on so do I. Don’t take too much grudge about it now. Anyway, one of my mistakes, I would really take note because it might come in handy when I look back in the future.

Mistakes are not too wrong to consider. It might be the most useful instrument in life that will make you came to your own success and greater achievement.

On the bright side…

Thinking of my bookish life, I’m now currently reading Dating Down by Alex Dunn and hoping to make a review soon afterward. So far, I’m feeling a little pity for Tammy and also for Gary. They just both devastated in their life. I also did enter this week in some blog tours. It’s my first time doing it so when I got accepted, I will do what best I can do for it. Besides, it will be a help for my future blog tours entering and having some additional contents to my blog.

Did I just tell you I celebrated my first anniversary in bookstagram? Now you know. Right, I just celebrated my 1st bookstaversary and it was cool that I went sharing, liking, chatting and looking through the feeds for almost a year now. Woah! That’s incredibly awesome I just never thought of it even this time. Too much feels. I’m closing in on 500 followers though and hope you can follow me on my Instagram for more bookish feeds. My handle is @descendantofposeidonreads just like my blog name except it is in small letters without spaces in between the words.

Before I forget next week will be my first anniversary also for my blog and I’m thinking of planning something about it when it comes. Kind of… it doesn’t really come in my mind maybe I just need some quite time to think about it. You must check it out soon.

If you also take notice, I didn’t give my monthly book haul this past month because, sad to say and budget-friendly, I just bought one book. I decided that I will just make it up this month of May. A combined haul rather of April and May.

That’s it for this week.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.



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