Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 4 Vol. 2🔱


Once upon this modern era…

Last week of April and time to say goodbye.

Hello May, hope an awesome break this time even though I still have a school related thing to work for like my OJT. Considering enrollment is also near to focus and be prepared. An easy peasy for me since I’m a scholar and all I have to do is to file the requirements and always suffice the criteria for me to retain in my scholarship (barely to happen since I’m now an incoming fourth year in college and least worries to think about it).

Speaking of my OJT, it’s our second week and thankfully a new surge of information was been given to us which is I’m satisfied with. At least there is, even we still lack of application only an observation. We are also been introduced to operation when brown out strike. There are some steps on doing it but just a matter of seconds to settle it and then back to operation. Same goes when electricity is out again. Oh, that is an application to think so it was not an observation totally. From time to time we also did minutes writing, a task given to us to write the minutes in every commercial. After that, back to normal. When I say back to normal, it is back to sitting, talking, walking a little bit around, walking out just near the station to cool off since the air conditioning is much to consider there and reading – such I’m happy to be. I’m not really happy since you know we are doing nothing much that can a useful thing in our field when time comes.

Because I’m out at our house through the week, book hoarding or just browsing was always my side hobby when I’m out now in my internship. It was my frequent thing really that I keep an eye if something new comes in the bookstore or I can buy some sale books or could just secretly sniff some new and old books – books always had it a scent that really attracts me all time. Talking of which I did it again this week. Just as the last time I visit the same bookstore which is Booksale. Lots of books there but unfortunately I bought nothing and I’m ok with it knowing I don’t have the money right now *sigh. When school comes, I will really buy new books hahahah and stuff it and look at it only just as I do sometimes lol. An act, bibliophile can understand and not to mention it is tower building of my TBR.

Currently reading right now my summer read – Nostalgic Rain Galaxies Away by AS Balance.  This was great by the way and I had it posted in my bookstagram @descendantofposeidonreads. Check it out and see my book fetish just sharing my book addictions. Hahahahaha. And over my twitter and FB page.

That’s it for this week.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.



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