[Review] Never Assume by Jonathan & Keren Joseph

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Disclosure: *I received an ARC of this book for free from the authors themselves in exchange for honest review. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

Hello, Feaders!

I know I’ve been inactive for almost a month, I think and I’m really sorry for that. Well, the reason is so obvious – school thing. Stuff like this, task like that are what mostly I’ve been doing these past few days due to you know vacation is coming and I got to do this seriously – not mentioning my upcoming OJT as it is a prerequisite for our course. Well, I honestly on hiatus mode for the past weeks but since it is summer (vacation) and I just only to do a little bit work, my schedule would be fine now and everything would be going to be back to normal again.

Anyway, back to my world, today, I’m going to review this book that was given to me by the authors themselves and I’m glad they did because I was really entertained through the end.



In Never Assume, the first story in The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs series,

Mr. Griffs and his difficult neighbour, Steve Moran, go head to head. Mr. Griffs loves everything his neighbour hates.

While Mr. Griffs enjoys wearing baggy clothes, Steve only dresses in designer suits. Mr. Griffs relishes his privacy and Steve regularly snoops on people. Mr. Griffs appreciates wildlife whereas Steve sees wild animals as pests. Their long-standing rivalry escalates when Steve accuses Mr. Griffs of digging holes in his garden.

In response, Mr. Griffs uses a particularly hot batch of his wife’s spicy nuts to get back at Steve. Mr. Griffs and Steve Moran rarely see eye to eye, but they do have one thing in common. They’re both guilty of assuming.

Absurd and quirky – this is just a typical day in the life of Mr. Griffs.



This book is the first in the planned set of short stories about Mr. Griffs which is quite grumpy in a funny and a silly way. Sure will make you comfy wherever you are. The vibes will always be there and feel good in every turn of the page. The lessons were guaranteed and I like how the hate-and-love thing in a neighborhood way. That war is too interesting to uncover all along with the characters involving through it especially between Mr. Griffs and Steve Moran. Both two have differences and behavior. I like though Mr. Griffs evil wick thing he do toward Steve and it just always goes in an epic scenario being obviously Steve on the bad side. They are just the perfect enemy for themselves in a hilarious and ridiculous meeting.

If you find time on reading this, go on and I’m sure you can get all over the quarrel thing of both my favorite characters. This got the humor out of me and it always entertains me; can’t wait for the second short story – Cool as a Cucumber. Too excited about it. I really recommend this sprouting story and I’m hoping for more attention with this kind of collection of literature. Actually, this is a worthwhile reading whether you’re a kid or (guilty in disguise) assuming to be. Just stay tuned with The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs. Happy reading!

Illustrations with my fave two characters from the book:


Meet Mr. Griffs and Steve Moran (from left to right)



About the Author             

Jonathan and Keren Joseph

– are a brother and sister team from Sydney, Australia.

They are the authors of The Absurd Tales of Mr. Griffs – a series of short stories.

Jonathan likes jam donuts, tennis, and the colour of autumn leaves. He dislikes it when laptops breakdown too quickly an the fine print to a sale. His favourite thing about Steve Moran is how his obsession with taking down Mr. Griffs has consumed his life.

Keren likes eggplant pizza, books, and peppermint scented lip balm. She dislikes bad chai lattes and pushy salespeople. Her favourite thing about Steve Moran is how quickly the polished facade he presents to the world unravels when Mr. Griffs provokes him.

They have Instagram page @goforgriffs and Facebook page mrgriffs. Check them out!

More at mrgriffs.com.

Thank you for reading!


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