Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 2 Vol. 2🔱


Once upon this modern era…

I got this very annoying sore in my throat and I think it is getting worst every time I got to intake some food or drink. My appetite is been ruined the moment this started and I feel so much irritated about it. All faults to this not-so-great-and-perfect-timing condition. I want this to be gone for good but I don’t know how to handle this. I tried to talk about it with my mom. She said to take some rest and drink some lukewarm water. I didn’t do what she says quickly but she does anyway. Actually, it does suit me a little while but only for quick three minutes. The same sore came back after that. Maybe I should really rest hard and see how it works.

I’ve done watching Th1rteen R3asons Why and I feel already mixed feelings through it. Though I’m not thinking of doing so of whatever you might think which is how the tv series convey or show. Honestly, during or after I’ve watched it, I realized that everyone is in pain when you are in pain. I just have seen it in there and I got goosebumps real hard just by watching every episode. It was really powerful and painful. The message here was truly understandable and unforgettable that at the end, people will always be late ahead after hearing the truth. So before it came to action or granted, we must do a quick response on how to deal it. But of course, we can’t know of that to happen really. Circumstances are always playing the part. Choice makes it hard to think when it intertwined. Conclusion gives the answer, bad or good that how it ended sometimes. How you will react or done something before it goes that way.

Goblin, on the other side, was another series I been up to lately though I also finished binging on it. It was awesome really. That fantasy-themed genre of the story was well crafted and this was I’ve been looking for. I found it in an unexpected not-to-mention-I-got-it-copied-on-my-laptop-unknowingly way. Obviously, I choose to watch it with an English sub. Just it gets me to say ‘annyeonghaseyo’ – Hello (hehehehe the fandom started). This was the best KDrama I’ve watched this 2017 and worth to recommend if you’re in good terms with fantasy, romance, and comedy – melodrama. Try this out. I’m listening to the OST of this series by the way and it going to make me induced more to my hangover. (Ugh!!! But yeah that’s fine. hahahah *reminiscing*).

I was not yet up for my review of Never Assume, I don’t know what I’m worrying right now or I just lose the energy that time so I promise to make good out of it this coming week. My book haul post wasn’t also ready. Hmmm, I really not in my mood I guess so.

Monday is coming so as my On-the-Job Training and it is my first time. I’m getting some butterflies. How to handle this or it is just a side effect of being excited or do I really am excited? Omo. Need to relax and calm down and ready myself for tomorrow’s thing on what I will face. You can do this (for me).

That’s it for this week.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.

Happy Easter Sunday & Happy Vacation (I think this always stand this Summer :D)



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