Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 1 Vol. 2🔱


Once upon this modern era…

Things are getting to its normal thing. There’s nothing to think hard now (well, school is quite busy but not for me), though I still need to follow up other stuff. Instead, I was now preparing for my upcoming On-the-Job Training. Obviously, it is a requirement of our school and what can I do but comply even though I think it is so fun and exciting (I’m really into it and I’m excited about it, that I’m eager to start my first day in training. :D). I still need though to complete what is ask to me and I’m just half way of it. Positively, I can manage it in just one day and I will start this coming week. All along my summer will not going to be so boring, it’s because I’m doing some works and I kind of like it. Although, I’m feeling the temperature to increase fast and hotness is somewhat a big problem here. Ugh!! Need a swimming plan right now and I mean soonest just to let this hot vibes gone, I think. Summer is really here.

Hmmm-mm. This week, or these past weeks, I’m being a slump on my reading activity and I really don’t like it that way. But right now, I’m reading like polygamy, two at a time and actually I’m making a progress with that trick though honestly, it’s confusing sometimes. The books are actually of the same thing – alien thing – that was what so common with the two. The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman (the title speaks out somehow) by Brady Stefani and Nostalgic Rain (this book, I think the cover is somehow the clue to its story) by AS Balance are the two books I’m talking about that are well good in its story and both intriguing with their mystery and plot twists. I might review these two next but one at a time maybe I go first with Courtney.

I might forget but since this is a new month and I’m not yet posting my book haul from March. This coming day, I will be posting my last haul and there will be going some little bunch of them so don’t look for more and this month will be a real banned for my book hauling scheme (huhuhuhu 😦 ). The reason is, I just don’t have the budget that’s all.

Could I ask if you’re watching KDrama? Because, well, I admit I also do, but not much just two or three KDrama’s only. I’m just so hangover with some of them especially ‘She Was Pretty’. I like that one and so much that I almost repeat it every time I think about of doing so. But these coming days, I will be going back to my watch list and Thirteen Reasons Why will going to be my next target to watch. So binge watching is a must (hehehehe). A lot of whereabouts and trends about it and I planned it already so just waiting for the download to finish and watch it by the time it is right.

Well, starting this week, my schedule will be fine and I will continue working here. New reviews are up to be posted. The first of which is my recent finished-read of Never Assume by Jonathan and Keren Joseph. I actually read it slowly and it really hits me with quirkiness and the behavior of Mr. Griffs. The story is quite really entertaining and much humor to grasp on. (hahahaha, I still remember the book right now and XD just how it gets me tickle to the bone). So much for it, I’m back.

That’s it for this week.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.

Happy Summer Vacation to Most of You Peeps! 😀



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