Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 12🔱


Once upon this modern era…

Follow-ups. Midterm exam week is over. But I still to take it on other subjects that don’t comply with the schedule and this week was well our midterm. Though I don’t mind since I’m a type of student that (not in a boastful attitude) can cope in. For instance, during our exam this week in Electromagnetics. The test was easy since it was an open notebook to look at and I really know the answer and how to do it. But somehow my classmate don’t. I’m not on the bad side here (excuse me for that). Just telling my achievement on knowing what I’ve been studying on this subject. Anyway, that’s how my week come to happen.

On the other side, my books from Book Outlet comes thru BookBuyPH. I was really happy then and another thing is that my order in Book Depository also comes this week. So a total of 8 books (since it was 6 books from BD) came on our doorstep. I’m in heaven. The result became clear – I’m out of money now so I’ve been thrifting every second. Although I’m in that state, I will still buy new books and bang, my TBR will rise until it looks like a tower. LOL hahahaha.

MCBD Twitter Party was really a fun thing that happened. There I see a group of people telling their fondness for the book they got and to the event. They also show their support for the children’s book and the diversity that each has. I was also there tweeting though the tweets are moving fast and me be like just watching and reading their own tweets (hahahaha I was just a meh there but I like to read their tweets and as I say, it was so much fun). This is my first ever Twitter Party and it really makes my whole day great and awesome. I was thankful then to the people that made this event. Especially to Ms. Becky Flansburg, Ms. Susan Mayfield, Ms. Valarie Budayr (Jump Into the Book) and Ms. Mia Wenjen (Pragmatic Mom). Also to the people who support and participate in Multicultural Children Book Day 2017.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.



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