Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter 10 & 11🔱


Once upon this modern era…

(Last Week of January 15th – Sunday)

Long vacation ends. Due to the reason cables and wire links are still on the hanging and damaged state caused by past super typhoon, Niña, which gets our vacation to extend, but right now school is starting to seek its presence and I, on the other hand, came to embrace it with a new way of introducing myself. Mostly, the new haircut is what brings me into the spot of which my mates take notice (honestly, I just let them see it through, I want them to know my change, lol).

Nothing much happens this week, other than my school thing which I don’t much want to share here or rather nothing particular to do so. Oh, wait! There are my books that come from Book Depository of which it is a book mail delivered by the post office.

(Fourth week of January)

Busy week. Exams are coming and so much to review. Added to this is the long paper works and projects to comply with. Seriously, I had a hard time doing so much out of these tons of work. It came to the point I’m been stressing out and sleeping super late or nada at all. Just for the sake of passing this semester and every subject on the way. Grades and scholarship are what is at stake so I must strive hard this time or all the time.

But fortunately, all my hard work is worth it since I pass the week with a satisfaction if that will I call it after all this depressing week.

If there’s a bad side, I think the good side will not be left out. Considering I received books, including from the Author itself, namely: Dating Down, The Oarsman and Brooklyn Bat Boy. As I can’t wait for them to be read and I’m planning by next month I could do read all these.

Hmmm. So that’s it. Okay bye for now. See yah next week.

…and this week goes that way.


Think like a proton, always positive!


Thanks for reading and passing by.



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