Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter Eight & Nine🔱


Once upon this modern era…

(Last Week of December with January 1st – Sunday)

Happy New Year. Welcome 2017, Farewell 2016. It’s been a blink of an eye that a year passed once again. I was wondering how my life is, then I realized 2016 also change some of my ways. If you know that from last year (May was my blog birthday) was when I started blogging and creating social media (Instagram and Twitter, Facebook, on the other hand, was my long time buddy so it was exempted) as relation to my blog in which I also exposed my love of books and any events I want to share to my followers and viewers. Moreover, due to my long time doing this and that here on my blog (especially giving reviews about a book), I come to my terms that I will continue this ’til I can. It is, well, an interesting hobby (aside from reading and watching Iflix and TV Series) that I love in the long run. Fascinating it is that I combine my reading and blogging (Wonderful!). I can’t wait how 2017 will give me another flavor this time around. All in all 2016 is such a good friend to me.

Somehow I don’t quite enjoy my new year celebration since if you observed I’m a week or some more days inactive here in which I was planned to give my next journal thing here on that exact date of New Year. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen which I’m sorry about. The reason behind that is, the main line is affected and Casureco (service provider here) not their mere fault, don’t manage to secure fastly the damages brought by super typhoon, Nina. So just by this week, the restoration occurred in our place and the power supply is back. That’s a relief to me. It was O_O. Anyway, here I am blogging again. Not that I really not enjoy my new year from what I said earlier just that you know with no light in the house and phone with full charged, I can’t chat with my friends and such. Though I like our foods that we prepare (a little it is but what important – our safe celebration, no hands are wasted lol that part hahahaha).

(First Week of January)

As I was planning ahead of time, my planner is not much of help since I can’t start putting words in it or should I really put something. I just can’t find some motivation and inspiration. Really hope to be creative to insert some interesting words or quotes there and some doodling so I can use out of it. Anyway, I try to put some bulleting of to do list but it was just short and sometimes I forgot (I just later write what I did from the last time on that date).

Anyway, this week, I do some hoarding to my favorite bookstore, Booksale (since childhood). I was scavenging there when I stumble with these two books, The Wind Singer by William Nicholson and Poison Most Vial Benedict Carey. The books are really interesting. The Wind Singer is in Fantasy genre while Poison Most Vial is Mystery genre both under Children Fiction. Additional to my TBR List. I’m thinking of reading it already but I stopped since I don’t want to interrupt my planned list of read within this month of January. I might read those just not sure when.

We had a very long vacation (as a concern to the current status of some residences especially those in the city center) for the reason it was scheduled that this week, it will be the time for repairing of some loose wires that dangles in every street in the city center due to that since our school is nearby, the government post an issue to extend our vacation. Though in college, it was not mere compulsory still our school join the said thing. I was happy then since I still (not ready for that) in the moment.

New haircut. I don’t feel about it but trending it is (also the haircut is practical – long wait to go to barber shop again).

…and this week goes that way.


Wishing you all a grand day! and week!


Thanks for reading and passing by.



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