[Review] The First Five Days (of the Lionean Saga)

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Hello, Feaders!

Maybe I’m not lucky today. It seems right since (ugh) why?! the book is gone. My fault, though my money at that time is just enough and when I do have the now it’s Viola!

Anyway, I’m going to review today’s book, The First Five Days.



When Yosi Sint ascends the military throne of Lionea, he immediately knows that his life is in danger; as all who held the position before him died under mysterious circumstances that could only have been as a result of Dark Arts.

Within the first five days of his rule, before he can begin to understand the treacherous schemes at play, those who lurk in the shadows set into motion a whirlpool of events that leave all who are caught within struggling for dear life…

An inopportune time indeed; for the beast to the North, a nation bent on subduing the might of Lionea, stands poised to invade and finish what they started eleven years ago.

In this medieval world of intrigue and peril, there’s no telling who will live or die…



What can I say, the book is interesting but honestly, it is also confusing though I get some of the points just that I’m not used to this way. It is told in the different perspective. There’s Yosi, newly held HR, Maya, leader of Spyinnme, Roy Ni, Remy Ni, etc. Due to that, I’m really confused but I deal with it. Lots to secure when you read this book. You must be familiar with each event, characters and the story. I observe all of a sudden some new event slip in and you will just be interrupted on how you will connect it to the flow but that might be the objective of this book. Well, I know since from the start it gives warning, I think this is what it means.

In this, you must follow each of the flow and chains of events that moment later change with a different character’s perspective. Obviously, character’s perspective always change and you must be comprehensive to connect each of the information. Along with reading, I almost forgot where the story goes that I went back read so I can recall the series of past tracks. Hopefully, I do follow. I think this is observable for the fact the is made by two authors on which my opinion is that they can make different ideas and somewhat can disarray you from the flow of the story, interruptions or mistakes.

Though, I see that multiple perspectives can’t be good or I just can’t agree with this book. At the end, I enjoy my read of it also – has its story reveal and it is good.

If you like a medieval time period or chivalry or an epic fantasy adventure. Then this can be right for you. I recommend you read this because the puzzle and mystery are quite not predictable.

That’s all I can say.



About Author             


is a practicing electrical engineer who spends his spare time programming and philosophizing.

Earthly woes, which his sharp mind made him aware of at a young age, drove him into the arms of fiction as it was his only escape route for many years.

It therefore comes as no surprise that he has now partnered up to create the unique world of Lionea; a world in which his complex mind finds utmost expression.


is a practicing chemical engineer and is also a graduate student at Columbia University.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading about global history: from the time of the gorgons and dinosaurs to the reign of the Romans, Dark Ages, Japanese Shogunate, Bantu Migration, Scramble for Africa, the World Wars e.t.c.

In addition, he enjoys travelling to exotic corners of the globe and spending time with his dog, Nancy. Co-creating a peril-filled world such as Lionea is a direct result of the copious information and imagination in his large head!

Thanks for reading,


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