[Book Haul] November & December – Books Showtime & Wrap Up!!

First of all,

Let me greet you a Happy New Year and this coming Happy Chinese New Year, Feaders!!


So, catching up with you these past days, I would like to say here my great thanks for all of you since it’s new beginning again and new journey with you guys. Hope we have time to know more of each other (and of course let’s awesomeness surrounds to all of us!).

Anyway, today I’m going to share with you, my past haul from November to December (since least I expect the haul I got is much less).

Here are they:


Books that I buy:

 > The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon (from Book Depository)

I have read this and quite in love with the story and of course, the characters whom perfectly weird in their romance love story, full review here.

 > Si Janus Silang At Ang Tiyanak Ng Tabon by Edgar Calabia Samar (from Adarna House Publishing)

Planning to review since I just finished reading this between those I’m-inactive days. Gonna put in Local Book Review since I want to share the local books that need an attention for it really deserve.

 > Si Janus Silang At Ang Labanang Manananggal-Mambabarang by Edgar Calabia Samar (from Adarna House Publishing)

Book 2 of Janus Silang that I will read this month or next month. Somehow right now I eager to read since I can somehow finish it in one sitting.

 > Si Janus Silang At Ang Tiyanak Ng Tabon [Manga Version] by Carljoe Javier; Natasha Ringor; Edgar Calabia Samar (from Adarna House Publishing)

The drawings were good and I praise the one who made this and the one who interpret the story though I like how the author writes it. Thumbs to all who work for this, though.

 > Detective Boys of Masangkay: Ang Mangkukulam by Bernalyn Hapin Sastrillo (from Adarna House Publishing)

Finished this also and what entertainment it is to read. I will also make a review about this so maybe check that out together with Janus Silang book 1.

Books that were given/won:

 > Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji (from the author itself)

This is a short story and a good one since it was creative and imaginative in its storytelling. Hope you read this also, full review here.

 > Harables Short Stories Volume 1 by Haidji (from LibraryThing Member Giveaway & author itself)

Collection of short stories that warmly comforts you and has many morals. Check this out also by the same author of Fancy & Adriaan, full review here.

That’s the end of my monthly haul, hope you like it and by succeeding month I will promise to give you more books to see though money is at risk, lol.

See yah!!

Thanks for reading,


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