Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) đź”±Chapter Fiveđź”±


Once upon this modern era…

It rained. I have to go to class that day. It was a bad timing with lots of things to accomplish and to pass but the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate positively. Somehow after school, I’m back home safe and sound with drippy clothes on the lower part. I was worried then that due to the hard and breezy rain, my laptop, which I brought with me, might get wet or moist. Thankfully, it didn’t look like it is since it will be the most prized accessory I have that is more important and needed in my school-related tasks and of course, for my blogging thing. I just can’t afford to buy a new one, you know – sadly even I do have the money, I just can’t just spend for it (for reasons, it’s for my book needs lol and really I just can’t since foods are awesomely great this season).

From what I say before about how lucky I am, it is because I got admitted to being a book reviewer in MCBD 2017 (Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2017). It will be an additional experience for me to join here and besides I want to support the diverse world that the theme in this big event. I think it still on-going and you can join if you want. Just click here to redirect you to the link. The start of the said event is too near in January 2017. So if I were you act quickly. And let’s start reading together.

I’m so excited for this season for I’ll be indulging myself with reading books and foods (lol), that’s what I’m planning ahead. I also listed the books I will need to cuddle (read) with and foods to pair with it as I’m so lazy to stand up the moment the reading session kicks in. Then sweetly and delightfully how I will spend my vacation time (Wooohooo!!). Though I will not be reading all the time coz I want also to feel everything this whole holiday. Food, of course, will be the main course since this feeling we do all know comes with great excitement every now and then this season. Sure I gonna have a full tummy occupied (hahaha). Sales, discounts, and promos are going to be everywhere so shopping (or just window shopping) will be a nice thing also to do and another reason to walk around the city and plaza. Admiring the blinking lights up in the trees that hang perfectly with the leaves and another decor like the five-pointed star with a light inside it. How the streets glow with the presence of the coming event and the aura feels through all of it.

Before I forget, I’m expecting to receive my book mails next week (to be exact, nine books should be at my doorstep). I don’t really expect all but I think the one out of it will be (I’m sure) late since it going to be schedule in the 1st or 2nd week as the author itself said to me. The Oarsman by Zubin Mathai is what I referring to. It is the book I requested (for the first time since I’m not quite well know the world of requesting a book from the author, lol) to review. I just like how fantasy with a spiritual theme it has, just like with Mitch Albom whom the books I also love. Though due to long shipping, Mr. Zubin ensures me an ebook version of it which I gladly accepted. I also receive an eARC from Simone Pond in which I will review and it is entitled, Beyond Sight, a sequel to Hidden Sight (Coastview Prophecy Series) which I also received from the last time. I thank both of the authors for their generous and warm approach. I will read both books along with the to-read-books list this break from my school. Hopefully, it will start next week since busy and happily and excited everyone are.

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.


watermark_small_logodopr    Joel


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