[Review] The Band 4: The Air We Breathe by Marguerite Nardone Gruen

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Hello, Feaders!

It is a nice sunny Saturday here and what an awesome and relaxing setup to post my next review.

Today, the book of Marguerite Nardone Gruen, The Band 4: The Air We Breathe will be the center of my review and if you read her book, I’m sure you’ll gonna love it. So, I’m going to share my thoughts about this beautiful yet sweet type of book.



Marguerite is on holiday in London, finally free after 27 years of feeling like a hostage to her strict and overbearing parents. Also in London, and struggling with his thoughts of freedom, is Chase Martin one fourth of the most successful band on the planet who knows that freedom can only come at the expense of his band-mates.

They come from completely different worlds, but when those worlds collide on a rainy night in a small coffee shop nothing will ever be the same again. Before ever laying eyes on him, his pain and anxiety somehow reaches her, and she feels moved to alleviate it… to offer comfort, which he desperately needs. After years of performing with his bandmates, they are closer than brothers. They are a part of one another, and the compulsion he is feeling to separate from them is tearing him apart.

The strange bond Marguerite and Chase discover goes beyond attraction or desire. It goes beyond love or lust or anything either of them has ever experienced. It is absolutely terrifying, but to walk away from its pull would be like choosing not to breathe. This is a story of love, loss, and heartbreak… of family and friendship.

This is their story.



Two individuals have their own struggles; one must enjoy her freedom from which in the past was kept from her and another was in loss of reason to stay in tune of his career. Not until they met in a sudden and unusual way a romance must begin its journey.

This book gives me the sweetest approach though it is not good if your realistic mind can’t take it. It is a story of how it is in true form to love someone that will surely give back the love you give. I can say some of the plots was really exaggerated in a way you will grasp the moment you encounter the phrase or sentence; it was really all of a sudden, never expected part. But as I say I love it, there is in this book that brings the reader, that tingling thing even in this way of romance. The characters, Marguerite and Chase whom the story revolves, are perfectly combined and their bond and connection were really compact from each other.

If you are looking for quite beautiful and warming reach, this might be your next read. Related issues in a relationship were been tackled here and M&C faced it with their best solution which they overcome together.

The content was nicely done and every turn of the page was worth it. It got the romance you might expect and the interest for other characters was not much that only two main character was really in focus in the story.

I enjoyed my anticipated-page-turning read of this book and I highly recommend this if you want a touch of sweet and beautiful romance story.



About Author             

Marguerite Nardone GruenMarguerite Nardone Gruen

She is a new author who just published a Romance Novel called ‘The Band 4 – The Air We Breathe’.

Inspired to write this story by a dream she simply couldn’t get out of her head, Marguerite Nardone Gruen has enjoyed every step of this journey, laughing and crying along with her characters as they slowly took shape and came to life. While writing the final line was bittersweet, she is thrilled to share this dream, and its heart, with her readers.

Marguerite is an avid football fan, and loves March madness college basketball―almost as much as spending time with her ten nieces and nephews and their children. She lives with her husband of 35 years, in Pennsylvania.

To find out more about Marguerite Gruen, please visit her official website MargueriteGruen.com or follow the author on Facebook, Marguerite Gruen also on Twitter, @Band4LoveStory.

Thank you for reading!


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