Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) đź”±Chapter Fourđź”±


Once upon this modern era…

Three things to say this whole week:

First, I got a bunch of homework and task to do, which obviously from my school and another from my blogging thing. I have been honestly lying low of reads this month but I hope to manage it wisely and systematically so I can be in the flow again. Homeworks are another to say as a factor of my low read and school always ahead of my blogging but as I say, things will go easy as soon as I minimize the task. I came to think of solutions to these problems. One of which is to have my ‘To Do List’ so I could schedule before I do all the things at one sitting in rush mode. Next, I will do time management. In this way, I could handle the things that must be finished before the deadline. Another, by listening music because I know this can much more satisfying action for me not to be in a panicky situation. Like I used to. That’s it. Speaking of which, 2017 planner is a good choice to deal with, concerning my lack of organizing and planning in the daily basis. I really need one before next strike.

Second, my another book mail arrived right when I’m still around (happy I’m the one who physically gets the book lol) which is such a bliss since winter season is coming and I really need to read the book though not really in the winter season. Maybe next year. The book is from Book Depository which I bought entitled, The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon. So, excited about it. Even though Everything, Everything is a must also but I will come to that soon.

Lastly, I think, ‘lucky’ is with me ‘coz even everything else, my  life is ok and good news happens. I can’t say it yet to you maybe next time. Hehehehe. Surprise, surprise.

…and this week goes that way.



Hoping for your cozy and hearty week this season.


Thanks for reading and passing by.


watermark_small_logodopr    Joel


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