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Hello, Feaders!

Rumbling tasks and schedule that looks like a storm hit my day, though I’m optimistic to carried it out well.

So today, I’m going to give you a review of this book, Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin. About a story that tackles some issues like obesity and its dilemma which much more thrilling when the serial killer is on making some crime about it.



A fight with the food industry turns deadly.

Jeremy, a lonely and obese teenager, shoots into the limelight when a headstrong public health nurse persuades him to sue the food industry. Tossed into a storm of media buzz and bullying, the teen draws the attention of a deranged killer, one who’s targeting the obese. Soon the boy, the nurse, and their loved ones take center stage in a delusional man’s drama.



Reading the first chapter, I know that the main character will be going to have my pity on him since the way in his perspective, he was some kind of helpless fatty kid and sitting on the couch, eating, proves it which kind of funny imagining his situation. Revolving around the issue of being fat or obese is likely a good way to introduce a story which the book does. Then I observe that it accompanied by introducing the next two characters that compel the book into more interesting and thrilling way.

The book is really interesting and entertaining in some sense and every chapter was much grasping, knowing each of the character done unique contribution on the story which lines the one to be killed, the killer and the concerned fellow. Told in the third person with the perspective of each character which alternates between the three: Jeremy, Darwin and Sue, the book gives some viewpoint and opinions to the issue that obviously on obesity whether liking, hating or making move about it. Though in Darwin’s perspective, it catches my attention because I remember his OCD thing in my past semester subject, Psychology. He was just creepy on my view of his character and that feeling of thinking if he’s to be your side that when accidentally touch his arm, for instance, might get you offended for sure because his OCD can’t take it. And this gives me quirky feeling throughout the story which the book is perfect for giving you that feels.

I somehow like though this book, maybe because it’s not my type but the story is great and the writing and plot are good, just that. If you’re into some thrilling with killer this might be good for you and I really recommend this to you.

That’s all I can say with the book.



About Author             

Carrie RubinCarrie Rubin

Physician, public health advocate, writer. I believe every experience is worthwhile, even if our paths deviate from where we started.

In addition to writing medical thrillers, I’m an avid reader (particularly thrillers and literary fiction) and movie fan.

My award-winning medical thrillers include Eating Bull and The Seneca Scourge. I am a member of the International Thriller Writers association. I live in Ohio with my husband and two sons.

Feel free to visit her website at www.carrierubin.com, or catch up with her on Twitter or Facebook for news of her upcoming books or special events.

Thank you for reading!


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2 thoughts on “[Review] Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin

  1. You have a weird taste on books. A lot of them are non mainstream. I like that.


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