Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter Three🔱


Once upon this modern era…

I started taking classes and as usual, there are still subjects with a label name of TBA – to be assigned. Not that it bothers me as a normal guy but as a college student, it really is because that’s where my scholarship pays for. Sameness when the start of the semester comes, you meet with your classmates, friends whom you’ve been close and other mates or familiar faces – faculty, friends’ friend and so forth. The first day was a bit blurred for I do miss the last time topics that from the previous (obviously I’m not around) week was what some professor taught. Then having late with the lessons, I, myself need to advance reading for coping up with the subject/s that I miss.

Speaking of my subject/s, Advanced Engineering Mathematics is the one that really makes my day hard – long assignment and this week deadline were the one I faced from it. Although I pass it on time (finished right before the deadline), my struggle was real for I have to make the front page in a rush which is I don’t call a masterpiece if I must be artsy. Not to mention, the problem solving or it is not a problem solving but getting first the formulas then give example to each – what the heck do we need to solve that. But I do – you know I like Math (and I’m inclined to it for some reason I don’t know) but just humble to be dumb about it hahaha.

The organization that automatically I become a member will be having some participation in the interschool organization which will celebrate their anniversary. It is not a required thing to go even the whole section I’m in don’t intend to be in so do I. Reasons are of course it was the beginning of semester (think about it, every student might not have a budget for it since they pay for the tuition) and it was busy day for all of us so concluding not to attend was at least the best choice. But for some reason, I was the one assigned to collect the fees in our batch since nobody will be coming, the fees for that only was a bit each of us can afford. Another task for my week to spend and I really don’t like being this officer. Though I’m not coming, I still buy the batch t-shirt – hmmm just want some clothes to try on and the design was good for me not to be attractive.

The real school day starts from now on and I hope to be attentive in each of the subjects – well, some are boring but I can bare it. Oh, I forgot to say, my book mails arrived, not in our house but in the post office (I must the one to fetch it and unknowingly pay for the pre custom fees they say which I paid and go). I’m just upset for not having their notice that the book is there – the fault is not mine though and it was my first time to go to our post office with my friend who no hesitant to come with me. The time was not as good as it is then – raining hard, you think it is. But I arrived home (dripping wet and tired with a satisfaction of having the books).

…and this week goes that way.



Thanks for reading and passing by.


watermark_small_logodopr    Joel


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