[Review] Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji

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Disclosure: I haven’t bought the book by myself but won it as a prize on a member giveaway held by LibraryThing with the author Haidji, together with another book in exchange for an honest review.

Hello, Feaders!

What have you been doing these days?

Me, I’m planning to buy something this season which of course some books & 2017 planner (I really want the one in the Starbucks, coffee stained edition, but I’m not an SB walker so maybe I can ask someone to give it to me in any way – a gift might be hehehe). This season is a must to anticipate since it is the time where sales are everywhere and save a lot to your budget though I’m not a shopping-spree type person I seldom do buy things usually book or related stuff.

Moving on, I received a book from Ms. Haidji entitled Fancy & Adriaan (actually it is just a companion with Harables Short Story Vol. 1 – I won from the member giveaway held by LibraryThing). It is just a short story which comprises of not more than 65 pages. But today, I decided to review it and have shared it with you. It is really fast paced reading in one sitting since it is a short story (lol) but I reread about as twice.



Do you believe in love?
Do you really Believe in love?
Fancy & Adriaan is a fairy tale; a real love story.

Fancy was born in a flower, in a distant world.
Adriaan was born over tree branches, in the same world.
As a fairy and as an elf, they lived their lives and their platonic love, in that world.
One day, Fancy decided to seek permission to go to the human world.
Will Fancy & Adriaan’s love survive?



I do love reading short stories back then. It was the foundation of what my reading been these days. The short paced story that sometimes gives moral to a reader or entertainment. You might know the stories in Grimm’s Fairytale which I also love (with princesses, princes, dragons, witches and etc.) but there’s a lot more just waiting to be read.

One of them is Fancy and Adriaan by Haidji, which is a love story of two different beings, an elf, and a fairy, living in the same world where all the journey start to roll. I really like the book which of course short but the story is there that can be read even by children and makes your imagination works. The uses of words are just simple though you might a bit get confused about how the story been by then you can go with the flow. The first two chapter as what I can see is an introduction to the main characters, Fancy and Adriaan, on how their existence been part of the other. Then comes the explanation of things and the conflict and what lies in the end after the actions they make.

During high school days, it was taught that a short story must have a theme, setting, characters, conflict, and conclusion as what I can remember ( sorry I’m not been good in those days hahaha) and I can say the book has it. Just like I said even grade school can understand this. Honestly, I read this book in one sitting and was satisfied the moment I start and finished (do rereading ‘cause I was a bit not in a hurry). It was great and I really recommend it for you to read and I promise it will not make your time wasted.

Nothing I can say more other than on pursuing you to read this also for it was really a beauty and cute story.

That’s all.



About Author             


Her interest in art began at the age of four when she got a blackboard for Christmas.

She then started to draw objects around the house: chairs, tables, and so on.

As she was 12 she started to write her stories and poems. Handwritten and hand painted books for family and friends.

Her University education was at the University of Applied Science at Idar-Oberstein, Germany, where she obtained a Diploma (equivalent to a Master’s Degree) in Jewelry and Precious Stones Design, and Painting. She is also a qualified Goldsmith.

Haidji is a talented and creative artist who produces abstract work that resonates with warmth and life.

Her stories create images in the reader’s mind, as would a word be a brushstroke painting inside your imagination.

More at www.haidji.blogspot.com and her Twitter, @Haidji.

Thank you for reading!


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4 thoughts on “[Review] Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji

  1. Oh!! I have all the books of Haidji! I must start reading them…


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