Tales of Life (of Poseidon’s Son) 🔱Chapter Two🔱


Once upon this modern era…

I was prolonging my vacation weekend and it was the laziness that overcoming to myself. I don’t really do anything usual other than reading and household chores (you add my sitting and slumping whole day). The school thing never comes up as an exciting way or a feeling worth going to, it’s just I think not my mood these days. Honestly, this week was our real schedule to start our assigned class (which just the same people out there – my classmates), a fresh start you’d say. Although, we had some school activities concerning school’s anniversary and I’ve participated the fun run event but that’s it. I have been totally out of a fitness track for my body to gain muscles and increase my stamina which of course the reason I’m way out of breath the moment I start the run hahaha – the less of me. Too lazy. Very. Very. Lazy. There are too much to spend my spare time at school though I just choose to stay behind and away from it. Really me -the antisocial.

Bookmails – of what I really expect to arrive failed me, so less a bit excited, I move on and set aside the thought. Remembering there still another week to wait for it – well, I trained myself to be patient so eventually I can overcome my hyper excitement (though I’m really eager for my books). The last time I checked, I was waiting to receive five books and I hope I got it all the next time.

Further to say, I will be coming to class next week, hope I didn’t skip few important lectures for I did miss some. Stubborn it is of how I treat this week, I hope not for the next.

…and this week goes that way.



Mine not good as you can see, make yours better than me. Be positive ’cause I am even these events. Smile 🙂

Thanks for reading and passing by.


watermark_small_logodopr    Joel


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