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The Blogger Review Program is quite not really applicable to those who want some income (‘cause it is not really for that but might be but not so) but in my view, it can be a fund to your book buying so you can review again. Not much to rely really on this blogging payment to sustain your necessity but having a passion and a hobby on reviewing book is just a disease you can’t get through. It just it is.

I like how the program be a choice to some book blogger since it’s a win-win situation that if you choose to review a book, they give a payment for you to buy it and fortunately if you ever had a very good way of reviewing the book you might get paid for that. Isn’t it cool? As a book blogger, I’m happy it has something like that. And as long as you became a member, there is a chance that you can be now there reliable blogger and more recommended book reviews opportunity will come to you. And as for that, you might be getting tons of reviews.

This is also a hobby-earning job not for becoming rich, obviously, but in the way you are doing what you love doing and at the same time it gives you some cash which is not in your option but appreciated much to have.

For more info about getting free books for reviews, visit @onlinebookclub

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