JournaLife: June[THREE]

Happy Sunday!

Gonna be straight-forward.

This week…

It’s been my first week of school. The days really were so swift and easy- like it happened yesterday. Though I didn’t go to school at the first day. It just not my mood to do so and I’m kinda not feeling good about it. I’ve been thinking of going there by next week but I change my mind so it didn’t really happened like what I thought.

Lots of assignments?! That’s not what I expected to have. It just pissed me off. I currently having late nights here and both my eyes are arguing for so much sleep but I just can’t; I must finished this off my hands.

I’m buffering with my readings so I’m a bit kinda or not gonna post my next review. So I’m in current readings with The Way of Shadows of Brent Weeks and The Star Racers by Martin Felando.


Finishing up my long listed assignments that part of my grade will be based and recorded. I don’t like this part of my college life. Hmmm… so sad but it’s more of a duty not to perform the tasks.

Next week…

Planning to watch the season 3 of Supernatural since season 1 & 2 makes me have some more of it and I’m freakingly want to watch it already.



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