Monday Sketchy (2)

Hello, Buddies!

It’s Monday again! What’s a good start for the week. Though I just finished enrolling myself now from my college and next week I will go to school. I don’t know if its good to have my first day of school but I was thinking not to ’cause I just don’t want to, maybe the next-next week.

Anyway, here are the new sketches and the colored one I just found that suits the characters for me.


Park & Eleanor

They’re both weird in the book. They’re a misfit. But they share extraordinary adventure that binds their love and friendship with each other.

I like Park. Maybe from the start, he is not friendly at all but it’s from the start not until he unconsciously meets Eleanor. I like the way they meet. Actually, they meet not looking in their eyes and having no introductory greetings. They have just been close due to both in the seat and not knowingly came to know each other.

I like also Eleanor. She is not nice, not sweet, she just who she is. She is smart, I know, getting A’s is what a standard to know it. She is weird – the way she presents herself but I like her in that boyish fashion. I just feel bad for her. She who has not in a good family than he who has the opposite of hers. They just really in a different world but that’s not an obstacle for them to have each other and they take risks if they did to know more from each of them. Unfortunately, from the end, I was just so sad but I really love the story. So, I kinda so easy to be carried but I did and not for long.


I like this part, in which they kiss obviously but it was just so sweet to imagine. ♥♥♥

That’s all!

Great Readings, Buddies!



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