Bookish Thingy: Type of Reader

It’s Friday the 3rd!

Hello, Readers! I do hope or rather you have it, a very fine day today. Yet, today is a very fine day although I’m too early ‘cause I’m gonna take the next step to my enrollment process – the last step I think. No! I must proceed first to the Accounting Office for my enrollment fees and I got nothing to pay though (Nah, scholar perks). Then go to Registrar to finish all along the very-important-thing enrollment – got sarcastic here.

So much for that, June is now here!


Do you ever imagine yourself as a type of reader that you aren’t? Is this a common book lover complaint?

-From Book Riot

I just read this after reading the whole article – the questions came last. I’m also curious to answer that and eager to start it today.

The article says the 7 types of reader you may want to be but can’t use to be it.


I’m not a complainant here but I’m quite a poly-reader here I don’t use only on reading a book novel but I’m also fond of comics too. I don’t agree on imagining me as some type of reader I really make it be me doing the job. The thing is I don’t want to begin with to be just a reader. I want to be <adjective/noun modifiers> reader. So it really is not only a reader.

You can be what reader you want as long as it is really what you want not just you quick choose to be that. Actually being a reader is really attached to anyone since then; it is just what you are really hooked to in reading – that’s how what reader you start with.

You can agree with me or not but that just how I want it, though. Be somewhat reader. I’m a book lover and this isn’t a bad thing – glad I give my opinion here.

Do you have any thoughts about it?


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