Featuring Webtoon Comics: Behind the GIFs by Andy Stuart / Kat Swenski



The day goes swiftly fast and easy. It’s just May yesterday but now its June – its first day of June to be specific and exact. And I faced it with sickness and I just can’t go for a walk this time. So I just laid here in my bed reading today’s featured webtoon comics. So here it is:


Behind the GIFs by Andy Stuart/Kat Swenski

While exploring the dusty catacombs of a Pharaoh’s tomb, intrepid explorers AC Stuart and Kat Swenski discovered an ancient relic that imbued them with the power to see the story behind any animated GIF. In a separate incident, they were bitten by a radioactive cartoonist. They now use their combined powers to explore the truth Behind the GIF.

These comics created adds some GIFs so that’s why its named like that I thought. Yet this was another of my likings. The simple and quite a cute idea of having some back thoughts about the GIF’s origin. Honestly, I am feeling well right now after reading some episodes of this and I hope to be fully well by tomorrow. Although this started last month which is May. I also subscribed to this comics for the latest updates. This is up every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so I had a lot to wait for this week.

You might follow the creators ⇓⇓⇓- the ones who make it possible to be created and read & viewed by me and, maybe, by you.

avatar_682fa7ea57c2_64.png Andy Stuart – AC Stuart started his career as a cartoonist by explaining GIFs, and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot escape them. He was born on the summer solstice and is destined to kill Kat Swenski.

avatar_e27a3d193269_128.png Kat Swenski – Kat Swenski is an active member of society with definite worth as a human being and an inexplicable affinity for raccoons. Born on the winter solstice, it is her birthright to someday slay AC Stuart.

unnamed Webtoon | <— See other comics if you want and maybe what you just love might be feature here.

You can download it too (android phones or IOS).

So next week I might introduce you to the world of Marvel Comics. So STAY TUNED Buddies!

Thank you for reading,



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