Book Flash Update!

Hello, Buddies! So today is the second last day before we greet and meet June. I’m feeling the month just go by – nice and easy – as if it didn’t happen at first. Anyway, today I just gonna tell you what I found.

I’m finding to read a new release book even I do have current readings and I came to pass by in website of HarperCollins. Look what I see! This is my type of genre though I haven’t read it yet, I’m sure it gonna have to be awesome. Actually, the book is released just last week but it can’t be a reason for me not to read it, maybe next month or should I say this coming month. So here it is,


The Fireman by Joe Hill

Goodreads || Amazon

Obviously, I haven’t gotten into this but as soon as I finish my line-up of books for the next month I will devour this. I haven’t seen and read some post that came to have this book release or discussion. So maybe this is really not just a coincidence maybe just maybe this is what I just have to be forwarding to. Unfortunately not too early to be read so sad I must be stick to my plan for this month.

So this book is about…

Nah! Just look in HarperCollins. It was in the Just Release Section.

You may see others:

That’s all. Have great weekdays starting today!

Great Readings to You!

Thanks, Buds.


P.S. This is a quick update every now and then about new release, trending, book news…etc. as long as it I’m concern and you, maybe, but not always.


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