JournaLife Updates: May[ONE]


Hello Readers! Happy Saturn Day to all! So I just lay here in my bed today and typing this – no idea on how I will spend my day. Maybe I will just finish the book I currently reading and post the next day my review about it. And start a new book. It is calm and relaxing today, I might do also some chores afterwards. Hmmm… I just can’t the house that’s it.

Writing-Ideas So last week…

  • I made my very first blog – This is the blog, you know.
  • I made my first review though I always do. This is just the first one I done it on blog.
  • I got my first book mail. It comes with a new bookmark with some artsy. Thanks to The Book Depository.

Writing-Ideas This week…

  • I made some revision on my blog.
  • I started also to add some to make it a full week task for me and it’s gonna be a challenging day-to-day for me for a whole week.
  • I got some followers namely anaussiebookworm and ellisnelson. Thank you guys.
  • I started to enroll myself – I’m excited to go to school this week, (I just want to go outdoor, lol) then but got disappointed ‘cause the date always been moved, I don’t know how can I handle this for the next days. This system is such an embarrassment to me. So they say I might be assisted next week. Arghhh!! But then, I can’t do anything so I just leave and go and maybe be back next week.
  • I started to read the second sequel for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I will give the review next week so stay tuned.

Writing-Ideas Today…

Never mind. I don’t much thing for today maybe I will sit here whole day and read a book. I will be reading also webtoon comics my favorite thing.

Writing-Ideas Next week is gonna be…

Enrollment week. I want to finish this thing ‘coz it’s important you know. I might also do some bookstore visit, though we have no local bookstore only some franchise one.

That’s all I got. Happy Readings!

Thanks, Buds!



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