Bookish Thingy: Book Searching

Are you that person even does have a book that currently reading, always check for other books and thinking to read it and then you are planning to buy it or add it in your digital copies though it might be an additional to your long TBR List?


If you are like that, you are not the only one.

I’m a reader and I know the struggle. I always do searching books that been in a trends and sometimes old books (nah, the money is the reason for that), though I just read in digital format, ’cause its free. But even though it is, I always ended up in searching again and it just makes my TBR List very long that I sometimes I forgot to read it anymore. It’s been a hobby of mine and I can’t get rid of it. I also buy new books but it was seldom ’cause you know I just a student. There’s more to think of.

I was browsing this day and I just found another great books, though right now I’m reading a new book, decided to read the next books then I just planned to make the book that I found to be in my TBR List that I just forgot to be now a very long list. What a habit of this of mine.

Nevertheless, I found this good and just another time for my little interest. I never want to get rid with this. It just makes me updated and I know, though it might be disadvantage, I can make just less of it. I make a solution to lessen it by lessening my hours in the internet and lower my TBR List to an average of five, then go back to it. Woah! That’s a great accomplishment you know. I might do it again and again but I might just forgot it. Lol.

So…. you, how come you faced this thing or are you like mine?




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